Monster Jam

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to surprise the whole crew with tickets to Monster Jam!

Sunny Sonny is currently obsessed with monster trucks thanks to a chance run in with a monster truck show at a fair last summer.

His love for this culture that Husband and I know ZERO about, is over the top and honestly, pretty adorable.

Recently we rented out  the local children's museum for his birthday party and threw him a monster truck themed party.

He even has favorite trucks and knows their little fan-girl things to do and say for them... he is a devoted and knowledgeable fan, even at age three.

So, I saw online that Monster Jam was coming to the arena near us and although their prices are pretty affordable, I just couldn't rationalize it.

You see, our kids are famous for getting somewhere, us dropping a ridiculous amount of money for them to get in, and then deciding after 25 minutes that they are over it.

But I really wanted to go, so I begged my salesman brother in law to see if he could get tickets through work, and he pulled through!

We put the kids in the car and we were like, "We have a surprise!!! Let's goooo!"

They were freaking PUMPED when we finally told them where we were going.

Especially this little guy.

I cant with that face.

It was amazing to see him so excited about something that HE loves, and not the big kids for a change.

AND our tickets were even in the Stags Club, which is the seats at the very tippity top of the stadium, all spread out and clean and not smooshed down below.

Before we went we stopped at Home Depot and got each kid a pair of ear buds because Monster Jam is loouuuud.

We did this because I had an idea that those ear muff things would be expensive and they absolutely were... at $20 a pop, times 3, that would just be kind of ridiculous.

I was able to get three pairs for $21 at Home Depot and it was absolutely worth it to make a quick stop ahead of time.

One thing that I really love about Monster Jam is that they are really appreciative of our military.

Both times we have seen Monster Truck shows they have made announcements to have anyone that is serving or who has previously served to please rise and stand so that we can all clap and cheer for them and show them some love.

I love this, especially because Husband is a veteran but also because hello...it's our military and they deserve it!!

 We should do this at every sporting event... every. single. one.

The Monster Jam community is actually so fun and exciting, each truck has their own like team of fans and they have special music that they get announced to, some have special crazy arm movements they do... it's a legit sport with a huge fan base!!

There are even girl drivers!

There were two at our event- one drives the Scooby Doo truck (look up) and one drives the truck below, with the horns!!

In case you're wondering, Sunny Sonny is a Grave Digger fan (he even says it like the announcer, "GRAAAAAAAAVVEEE DIIGGGGGGGGERRRRRR") and the big kids are Zombie fans (a truck that has "Thriller" for its theme song and arms that move while it drives).

This one with the green and black below is Grave Digger... Sunny Sonny went wild when this happened... and if I'm being honest, we all did!

It's so cool to watch!

I also loved that as I was blowing up my instagram page with a million Monster Jam photos during the show, monster truck drivers were liking every single photo.

It is a super active community and the drivers really love their fans.

Monster Jam didn't know we were there and obviously has no idea that Our Tiny Place exists, so I'm not telling you this for any other reason except that it's a cool show to go to if you can the chance!

But for real...don't forget your ear buds! Those trucks are no joke... it is LOUDDDDD!

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