Life Lately....

So, we are officially on the market and we have been for one whole week.

We've had ZERO showing requests.

This is pretty freaking disheartening to a pair of people who put their blood sweat and tears into HGTVing their home every single day for two months.

Husband is always the Debbie Downer in our crew and was discouraged when we hadn't gotten a showing after an hour...

I was able to remain positive through the first weekend and then Sunday night I officially joined him aboard the USS Negative Nancy.

Guys... it is hard to always be the positive one.

I am super frustrated.

Our realtor, has been wonderful.

FANTASTIC. Yes, that's in all caps, even though our house hasn't sold and here's why...

First thing Monday morning, as in 7 am... I had an email from her assistant asking if we could schedule an Open House for this upcoming weekend.

By 9 am I had heard from our Realtor herself who said that she was making calls to people with similar listings in our area to find out if they had had any activity over the weekend.

This step was new to us but we were instantly like, duh, why didn't our last realtor do this??

She found out that the market is still slow in our area, not too many people looking yet, and that things really start to heat up closer to April around here.

So good to know.

That tiny nugget of information is helping us not freak out.

Also, if you follow me on Instagram (@ourtinyplace) then you saw some of our house photos from our listing... here's a few more...

Our realtor hired a professional photographer who brought all these cool bells and whistles and tripods and our listing really shines... and I mean that in the list corny, braggy way possible.

It just looks nice, I think so anyway.

If you are interviewing realtors find one that will hire a photographer for you!!

And a home stager who will shame you into making your home clean and empty!

These steps feel like they were very important, and again, even though we haven't sold, we do feel like these steps were missed our first go around. 

(Side note: If I get any feedback that people are interested in what we actually had to do, I would be happy to share the list from the stager and go over the boring logistics of what went into making our home empty slash prettier.)

We are living a 90% spotless life at all times... which, let me tell you, besides absolutely fucking sucking... is exhausting.

The last thing I want to do is make 4 beds every morning and clean up 4 bedrooms every morning and do a load of laundry every single day BUT...

It turns out, if you do all the laundry in your house 100% completely, then there is only enough laundry for one load a day... what is this weird laundry Hell slash Heaven ?

I had no idea that this weird Laundry Purgatory existed, but it is a super double edged sword like... on one hand, I am doing laundry every day, on the other hand, when I throw that one load in in the morning and put it away in the afternoon, that's it... like, there is nothing else hiding anywhere.

HAAAAAAAALLLELUJAH! This is foreign territory for me and quite possibly the most wonderful thing to come out of our non-move yet.

Also, with half our toys packed up and almost all of our non-essentials in storage, it turns out the monsters can actually live with waaaaay less crap then they think they can.

I keep rotating the toys in and out of hiding and it has been wonderful for the kids, who are so excited to see their toys after what must seem like forever (but is only like three days)... that they are playing together, and with their toys, more than ever.

Everyone is getting good at putting things away, which is also amazing.

It's been a process, and a life style change for the better, for all of us.

But... I'm tired, Husband is tired, the kids are tired of hearing us tell them to live carefully... like, don't bang the walls, don't slam the doors, don't make a mess in the sink!

I feel guilty not letting them be themselves all the time.

Some days suck... but I keep telling myself, this is temporary.. this is temporary... someone will buy this house, someone will buy this house!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for us... we are over it.

I know it will happen but we are ready to begin the next phase of our lives!

No more trips to the storage unit and endlessly refreshing realtor.com!!

The Positive Person in me is still in there somewhere I guess, and she knows that these things take time, and patience, and continued and constant sparkling cleanliness... all things I fucking hate.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be a bi-polar few months around here!

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