The Salad Bar...

Yes- another salad bar post.

Except this one isn't nearly as delicious as the last one.

So I sent Husband into the grocery store to grab us salads at the salad bar.

I know.

Sending him in alone was my first mistake.

But... I did it anyway.

So he comes out of the store with two tins... his, and mine, obviously.

I take one look at his and I'm like, "Well that looks like a beautiful gourmet feast... who was in there, Emeril?!"

My God.. it was a fucking beautiful salad.

It was every color of the rainbow and chock full of all kinds of protein... I had to admit... he did a good freaking job...

On his. HIS.

My poor tin on the other hand...

Had two things in it: spinach, and tomatoes.

That's it.

So I'm like, "So, how come yours looks so amazing and mine... doesn't? Why do you have lobster and chicken and ham and cheese and eggs and I... don't?"

And he's like... ((chomp chomp chomp)) "Oh, I didn't think you'd want any."

I look down at my poor salad again like... hmmm... what?

Seriously, who doesn't want a beautiful Giada at Home salad?

So now I'm looking back and forth from my salad, to his, and back again and I notice something.

"Hey..." I say, as I glance over at him crunch, crunching away...

There's legitimately food falling out of his mouth, he has so much healthy goodness in front of him, he's like a human juice bar.... just all greens, goodness, and false promises...

"How come I have tomatoes and you don't?"

"Oh," he says... "I would never eat those nasty salad bar tomatoes... those things are fucking disgusting."

Welp... Spinach it is.

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