She Said....

The man came to put the For Sale sign on our house last week and I happened to walk by the window when he pulled up.

I gasped when I saw him and ran to the front door.

Girlfriend and the Baby, are never more than a few steps behind me, and were on the porch before I could even call them to come see.

Girlfriend's all: "Uh. What is he doing?"

She legit went from zero to Sassy in two seconds flat when she saw the guy put a shovel into our lawn.

And I'm like: "Putting a sign on our grass so people know that they can buy our house."

And she's like: "Oh no he's not!"

She was instantly swishing her neck back and forth, and wagging a finger in his direction.... before I could stop her... she was yelling:

"Hey! You! Get out of here! You're at the wrong house! I hate you! Leave!"

So... it's safe to say she's handling this well.

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