Four to the Store

Sometimes I forget, that my Girlfriend is still only four years old.

She has been so mature for so long... that I literally just freaking forget that she has only been alive for four years, and even though she acts like a teenager, she's still just a little girl.

I try to give each kid one on one Mommy time as much as I can, and last week Girlfriend asked... no... BEGGED me to take her to the grocery store.

By herself.

With her own shopping cart.

We dont have those grocery stores with the little "Shoppers Assistant" carts that all the kids have on Youtube and down South.

But my Girlfriend has seen Youtube videos of kids using those little carts and she decided that she just wanted to do that so so badly... and so, one night last week, I took her, all by herself, with her pink cart.

Now, I'll be honest.

I didn't even know if this was like, allowed.

I mean, not that there are grocery store rules, but, I haven't ever actually seen any kids with their own little carts either, so I made sure that we went at like, 7:30, so the store was basically empty.

It was a treat in itself to go just the two of us, plus going at bedtime, and add in the fact that I didn't use a cart at all, so it was all up to her and it was pretty much the best moment of my Girlfriend's life.

See... seriously, who gets this excited about grocery shopping?

I cant handle it.

She was like bursting with excitement walking through that store.

It was the simplest, easiest way to make her happy and honestly, something that I will never ever forget.

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