Reading & Getting Older

When I was a kid my Mom used to take my books away to punish me.

I was just about the biggest book worm you can imagine.

In the Summer we would go to the Used Book Store and my mom would take my siblings to the stores nearby and leave me sitting on the floor with a stack of books.

Don't worry, I was like thirteen when this happened, not five.

I would devour a book in a day, sometimes two in an afternoon.

I had such a thirst for words and stories and novels... I just absolutely dove head first into anything that I could find.

I don't get to read much anymore, which makes me really sad, because there is literally nothing in this world like getting lost in a good book.

But you know who does read?

This kid.

He reads above his grade level... and he reads it all.

He is always carrying around a book, or a notebook, scribbling down a story or drawing up a new character.

I'm not saying this to be one of those Facebook Moms who brags about their kids being perfect, that's not my style.

I'm saying it because it legitimately touches my soul to see my child fall in love with something that I loved when I was his age.

I imagine it's something like watching your child excel at a sport that you once loved too.

Boyfriend asks me daily to teach him new words.

I mean really... there is just nothing better than a kid who has a healthy thirst for new vocabulary.

My English Major nerd side is showing big time in this post. But I give no shits.

I have to sign Boyfriend's homework paper every night.

I'm not even sure when it started, but maybe somewhere around Christmas I decided to use this daily ritual as a learning opportunity.

I mean I am full nerd here guys.

I started signing my name, "Educated Mom," "Enthralled Mom," "Fantastic Mom," Admirable Mom."

Basically I used any word I could think of that Boyfriend didn't know.

And then I'd hand him back the paper and he would get embarrassed and say.. "MOOOOOMMMMM... Why can't you just be normal like other Moms? Can't you just write your name?!?"

And we'd laugh and then he'd sit down and try to sound out the word. Sometimes he'd get it right away, sometimes he'd ask for help.

He has gotten really good, and I am pretty proud of myself because I am imagining a high S.A.T. score somewhere in the near future as a result of this little exercise.

Okay, maybe that's a stretch but this is my blog so I don't care.

We go to the Library as a family just about once a week and if Boyfriend and I had our way... we would stay all day.

I love to watch him walk down the aisles of books.

He touches the bindings... turning his head this way and that, as he reads the titles in a soft whisper to himself.

In a world of technology and all-day-every-day screen time, in a world where all the knowledge we could ever ask for is literally at the touch of a button... moments like this, with no chords, or batteries to charge... are what really matters.

When I watch my boyfriend curl up with a good book, and I hear the soft swipe of turning pages... when he interrupts me as I make dinner to tell me about a particular character... my entire soul bubbles over with pride.

It is bittersweet to watch your child get older... to see them become independent, have their own opinions, likes and dislikes.

But when one of their loves is one of your loves... and a good love at that... well, then him not being a baby anymore doesn't seem quite so bad.

I am so proud of the smart boy that he is becoming... even if he wont hold my hand  anymore in front of his friends... even if he does insist on rolling up his sleeves, like the "Property Brothers"... even if he plays "Cooties" at recess and rough houses entirely too hard with his baby brother.

We share a love for escaping to another place through our imagination. We share an appreciation for books and learning in a way that some people may never experience in their whole lives.

And if acknowledging this gift means admitting that we are both growing up, well then, I guess I'm alright with that.

"Children get older... I'm getting older too."
-Stevie Nicks

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