Moving has been on our minds for years.

We live exactly one hour from where we grew up and even though that doesn't seem far, for some people, it is.

Our friends and family have long since expected and grown accustomed to us making the trip regularly and aside from my parents, very few people realize that the road goes both ways.

Because being near our family and friends is very important to us, we have always known that our eventual goal would be to move about halfway closer to what we still refer to as "home."

With a recent announcement from our town's Board of Education about closing an elementary school, busing kids around town, and Middle School starting with 5th grade... we have decided, I think... that the time is now.

Fuck shit fuck.... I am so nervous I can barely even type the words.

We have set a tentative goal of listing our home by May 1.

I am seriously sweating even writing this stuff down and putting it out there to the world and real life.

So, since I'm the Mom and my life revolves around making sure everything in our world is calm, and no feathers are ever ruffled and everyone is always settled... I am freaking the fuck out about this.

I am kind of a, "If it's not broke why fix it," type of girl.

And our beautiful home is not broken, nor is our great neighborhood.

But... our town, isn't the greatest, and I want our children to be proud of where they grew up.

It scares the crap out of me to, "sell before we buy," (because we have to)... to give up our perfectly good home, and worst of all... to not know what it is coming next.


So... because I clearly am having a panic attack about this, I asked told Husband if he is really serious about this move, then he needs to take the wheel, or I will just continue to drag my feet because change scares me.

I said... half joking, half serious... "If You want to show me that you want to move that bad... then make a Power Point Presentation, sit me down, and walk me through it. Show me that you're serious, do the numbers, write out the plan."

And then... he did just that.

I know. Pictures and bullet points and everything.

I was shocked too.

We are interviewing two more realtors this week and then we will rent a storage unit to put some of our stuff in... from there, we put a sign on our house and wait.

And I pray.

That we aren't selling our house and going to end up in a box on the side of the road.

Or with my parents.

Or my in laws.

God help us all.


  1. I'm sure "congratulations" won't sit well with you because of all of the freaking out, but there it is. I live in southern CA and my husband and I want OUT! With no actual research into where, yet, we're thinking Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Texas or who knows where, would be a good fit. To be completely honest, our current daydream is to sell most of our possessions, buy an RV/Motorhome and travel the country for 6-12months with our 2 girls...exploring, living minimally, and seeking out our perfect land to call home. Sounds like you're following your gut on this one. Trust in that. Stock up on some extra (*insert preferred choice of alcohol here*). Good luck!

  2. You actually have a huge advantage selling before you buy again. We did that twice in the last 10 years, and you end up going out to buy as a non- contingent buyer, which makes you the shit. Everyone wants a NC buyer. Think about it. If you are stuck homeless in between rent a suite at a comfort suites or something. They usually have free breakfast every day, some free dinners, and give you a break on monthly rates. You'll be ok!

  3. Rich had to do something similar to get me to move across the freakign country!!! Tell Misty I can help her with Idaho if she wants to know more!

  4. Rich had to do something similar to get me to move across the freakign country!!! Tell Misty I can help her with Idaho if she wants to know more!


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