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"Her Story: Someone Like You," is a new weekly feature, designed to bring us all a little closer together. Please join me as I share stories of women from all over the world. It is my hope that you will see a little of yourself or someone you know in these stories... and that you will share them... making our great big world feel a little more like a neighborhood, where no one is alone. If you would like to be featured in Her Story, please email me at ourtinyplace@gmail.com.

"I'm gonna cry. I can't talk about this without crying. I can't even think about going back to work, and putting her in Day Care and having a stranger watch her roll over for the first time. That's my baby! I should see her roll over first! Not someone else! I don't want to miss a single second.. like literally not one second. What if I get stuck in traffic and cant pick her up on time? What if she sits in poop all day? What if one day she realizes that I left her?? See. I told you I'd cry. She's already registered and ready to go. I go back to work in 6 weeks and I'm already crying about leaving her. But we are a two income family and it's just not going to work unless I work, that's just the way it is. My sister and I have three babies under three months. We've been spending our maternity leaves together. In the beginning we were like.. "This is so fun!" and we took turns buying each other lunch... until we realized how expensive babies are. So now we visit each other and make lunch at home. For a few weeks we watched the babies sleep and enjoyed being Stay At Home Moms. We talked a lot about the things we wanted to do for our kids, the type of childhood we wanted to give them. We quickly realized that if we want our kids to go on vacations, out to ice cream, have big Christmases.... we were going to need more income. These were all new expenses that we had never thought of, so with the kids in mind....  we started a business. We decided to go all in on a company we named, "SipSissys". We make custom wine glasses and tumblers. I cut the vinyl and she places it on the glass. Placing the vinyl stresses me out. I took apart an entire beer mug last week, I was sweating. We've made about 50 glasses so far... it's kind of scary, pretty much every surface in my house is covered with glasses. Together we've invested $1000.00. We haven't made a sale yet, but we will, we're still new. Our entire family has jumped on board to help us out. If one of us is applying glitter, or vinyl, the other might be juggling the three babies... or our parents come by and babysit so we can work out shipping costs and packaging and business cards.  My basement looks like a glitter bomb went off. I call it, "The Glitter Lab,". We've been focusing on getting SipSissys up and running for about a month, lots of trial and error. Some products haven't worked well, we had to find our own techniques and figure out how to do things so they made sense. We made a really beautiful, "You Are My Sunshine, "glass and just as we were falling in love with how cute it was... one of us dropped it and it broke into a million pieces. You know, it's been a learning process. But we've got it now. We are signed up for a few craft fairs and are committed to making this work. I keep thinking of being able to do fun stuff with my daughter and my niece and nephew... of having that extra, "we don't have to worry as much," income to play with. Eventually it'd be nice to not have to work, to stay home with my daughter instead of handing my paycheck to her Day Care provider. In the mean time, I'm cutting vinyl and playing with glitter and glue techniques... and keeping that goal in mind. Because I don't want someone else raising my baby. I want to do it. I'm crying again."

If you'd like to help the SipSissys grow their business, please visit their Facebook page here.

Update: The SipSissys made their first sale today... To an Our Tiny Place reader!! Congratulations to the SipSissys on officially being in business!!

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  1. Great idea! I am happy to write a story on a plethora topics!!


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