Days Like This...

It's 9 o'clock, and I am sitting down for the first time all day.

I had a day, Lord, did I have a day.

We all woke up late, so I had to drop both kids at school... two different schools, in two different towns.

Husband left for a business trip, late.

He had a 11 hours of traveling ahead of him, and I left the house with his iPod and sunglasses.

He is acting like someone stole his car, not like he left his iPod behind... and I, was acting like a woman.

A calm, collected woman who has no patience for men when they are acting like the world is ending.

Who was with the youngest, at the Doctor, with his second double ear infection in a month.

From there I went to the Elementary School to register my Girlfriend for Kindergarten.

Fuck my life how am I old enough to have two kids in Elementary School?

From there I went to Target, to switch our prescriptions.

Because fuck Walgreen's for giving me Baby's Prescription in a glass bottle. Which I broke. Which is why he got his second double ear infection. Because I refused to pay $75 for a second bottle, and they refused to give me more meds for my sick baby.

So back to Target.

I change our prescriptions and they're all, "Shop around! Enjoy yourself! Get popcorn! It'll be ready in 10 minutes."

Except 10 minutes in Target equals spending fifty fucking dollars that I didn't actually mean to spend, but I did anyway.

Oh and I bought Cheese Balls... who the Hell knows why. The jar is so damn big that I legit cant open it because my hands are too small.

From Target I went to drop off food to a sick friend.

From there I went to register my boyfriend for baseball.

Why does baseball cost $150? I have no fucking idea, the kid is 6.

From baseball I went to pick up Girlfriend at school.

Husband is now safely on his plane, hopefully feeling like a complete idiot for acting like a toddler without his favorite toy.

I get the kids down for nap, but not before opening the cheese balls (with two hands) and watching my Baby dump the entire 17 gallon tub all over the floor.

Of course he did.

From picking up cheese balls I move on to wiping the dishwasher. Because of course the Baby has decided that the dishwasher = his urinal.

You read that right and if there is a further explanation I sure as shit do not know it.

I am on my hands and knees, wiping pee off the front of the dishwasher, while my baby's are upstairs sleeping, and my Husband is flying somewhere over middle America... with no iPod.

"Good," I think to myself. I should listen to that thing all day just to spite him.

So now I'm on my hands and knees, head phones in, bobbing to the beat of Husband's iPod because I think this is hysterical and it is making me laugh...

Except then I stand to start the dishes... and I look in the sink and see that it is full of sneakers.

I have no fucking idea why there are shoes in my sink.

Like ten pairs, not that that makes any more sense than one or two pairs, but I'm just letting ya'll know... there were 10 pairs of shoes in my sink.

So now I'm throwing shoes over my shoulder onto the floor behind me because Husband is away for the week so who gives a shit if the house is messy, right?

I get to the bottom of the shoes and can finally see the dishes.

I start loading the dishwasher, which no longer smells like pee...

I get to the bottom of the dishes and find...

The remote control.

To the TV.

Covered in bubbles.

Full of water.

Because of course the kid would put the remote control in the sink with the shoes.


Listen... if you're a working Mom, or a stay at home Mom.

Or a Mom who works at night and stays home during the day...

Or a Mom that works from home.

Or whatever the Heck kind of Mom you are...

Let's just all reach out and hug each other right now okay.

Virtual hug.

Seriously... hold me.

I need it. We all need it.

Let's stop hating people that are different than us, that we think have it easier than we do...

Here's the truth ladies, listen up.... Everyone has days like these... every last one of us...

We all have a spouse who can be a jerk and kids who pee on the dishwasher, or write on the walls, or get in trouble at school, or just generally suck every once in awhile.

And you know what else we all have? If we chose to accept it?

We all have each other.

So today, be nicer to every woman you see.

Maybe her kid just peed in her glove compartment and she needs someone to make her smile.

Let that person be you.

I was raised Catholic, so pretty much everything makes me feel guilty... including complaining... especially to the world, about my perfectly good family and my perfectly difficult day.

But I'm only human, and bad days happen.

I try so hard to always be appreciative of this wonderful life that I have, and to end every day with a grateful thought or idea... it's hard, but I never let a day pass without doing it.

Today's grateful thought, is that I made it all day without losing my mind...

Says the woman eating cheese balls off the kitchen floor surrounded by sneakers...

Tomorrow, is another day.

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  1. Goodness, I feel ya. I can have the longest, worst day with the kids and then when they are finally asleep I miss them like crazy. Silly kids, have my whole heart even when they are obnoxious to the max. Hope the rest of your week is uneventful :)


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