Beauty School Drop Out... Already.

My Girlfriend, that little pain in the neck...

When we put her to bed at night, she literally waits for us to close the door and then jumps out of bed and instantly starts roaming the halls.

I am in a new chapter of parenting these days, especially at 8 o'clock at night...

It's called, "As long as you aren't getting hurt, whatever you are doing is probably fine."

So we kind of let her get her books, or whisper around the corner to her brother, or whatever she's doing, as long as she isn't loud, or getting into trouble... she usually ends up passed out in her bed by 9:30.

Plus, how many times can one person scream get back in your bed without losing their mind?

This is the Mother of Three speaking, if you have been reading since I was a Mother of One you are probably like what the Hell happened to this woman.

Anyway... she ended up in my bathroom and got into my Self Tanner one night.

She's sneaky so she's very quiet when this stuff is happening.

I didn't realize it until she was getting ready for school the next morning and I'm all:

"Uhh... what's up with your feet, Doll?"

And she's all, "Nofing."

Oh, right, nofing.. you just look like you have a skin disease, no big deal.

The very next night, after we did the normal bedtime run around, I went to climb the stairs for bed, and there in front of me is a hunk of hair.

Now, I know damn well that I have only one child with long hair, but for some reason when I saw that hunk of hair I said, "((gasp)) Who cut their hair!!"

And there, at the top of the stairs, was my Girlfriend, who was all: "Not me!"

I reached for the railing, and climbed the stairs with my eyes closed.

If you've been reading for awhile you know I SCALPED my hair when I was three... so I was pretty much petrified that my baby was going to have a buzz cut.

By the time I reached Girlfriend she was all, "I'll show you where the rest of my hair is!"

It wasn't as bad as mine... but it was still a haircut.

She kinda gave herself a Justin Beiber bang do.

She was sobbing and I just couldn't help myself... I became that Mom that takes a picture of her kid while they cry.

I just had to do it, it was freaking funny.

She was like, "Baaaaahhhhh.... don't give me a boy hair cut!!! Bahhhhhhhh..... whose Dustin Beiber!!!!!??"


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  1. Stories like these scare me about my future second child. Chloe is so simple, responsible. The worst thing she does it helps herself to food in the fridge, or tries to get her own snacks out of the cupboard using a chair. She's so good most of the time it scares me.


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