Mah Girl

I grew up in your average American town, and did all the things that average American kids and teenagers do...

Nothing crazy, but I was fresh every once in awhile... I went to a keg party, or two, on a Golf Course... I threw parties in my parent's basement, that kind of thing.

Not to sound like a line from "Butterfly Kisses", but for all the things that I have done wrong ... there are just a few that I would like to think that I am doing very right.

And I am so proud to say that a lot of them are wound up in this ball of baby girl right here.

I often preach to my children lessons that I didn't understand, follow, or accept as a child...

Ones that would have made me an infinitely more likeable youth, I'm sure.

Alas... I missed the boat on the important stuff, like most teenage girls did... and I cared more about being popular than I did about being nice sometimes.

So as an adult, I try every single day to instill what is important to me NOW into my children.

And someone is listening.

My Girlfriend is just the sweetest, most out going, open minded, loving little dollop on the planet.

Ask her who she thinks is beautiful... go ahead, ask her, ask her, ask her...

She will say: EVERYONE!!!!

Ask her who her best friend is... ask her! Go on! Do it!

She will say: EVERYONE!!!

My Girlfriend, God love her, thinks that every person she meets is fantastic, and INTERESTING!! And exciting!!

She thinks every outfit is just the most wonderful expression of herself, and has the sass and class to prove it!

Even the kids who may cause a little bit of trouble, she loves to learn about them... to tell me why they are having a hard time, to talk out what might make their day better.

She loves all the animals, all the people, all the plants, books, trees, and THINGS!!! She just LOVES. IT. ALL.

Now trust me...

She is still a handful, and will without a doubt give me a helluva time when she is 15... she might hate everyone in her path in ten years... never leave her room and change her name to Elvira...

But for now, oh for now...

She is an independent, accepting, free spirited, pile of love for others....

And for that I am so, so very proud.

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