Eight Months.

Here we are... four months shy of  one year.

I have started planning what will probably be the very last first birthday party that I will ever throw for my children.

My guts hurt to even type that.

Why the Hell didn't I marry Jim Bob Duggar??

Give me all the babies... I want fifty more.

Boo gave us a scare this past month when he got very sick for a whole week with a bad virus that landed him in the ER.

He started his 8th month by cutting six teeth at once... only one has fully come through, leaving him with three full teeth, and eight little nubbins on their way in.

This past month brought sitting... which you know made my heart so happy because... hello... pictures!!

Now the nuggets can take pictures together in a little pile of love.

Let me tell you something about Boo.. he loves, loves, loves his siblings.

If he is fussing while I make dinner, I send one of the kids to stand next to his high chair and he is instantly happy.

Sitting brought the beauty of watching them all play together... be still my heart.

Also... he just decided that he is over being a baby... I mean, look at this kid he's all like, "Cheeese."

I know... he's like a toddler.


We are still exclusively nursing and I am loving the quick quiet two hours that we get together while Girlfriend is at school.

I make sure to snap pictures of all the little baby-ness that I know that I will miss as soon as we stop nursing. Like these little feet that stick out from under the blanket when we nap / nurse together.

I tell myself that unless he is sleeping I wont clean, or work, or do anything for anyone... I just look at my baby.

Being a third time around Mom means that I am smart enough to know that it doesn't matter what I look like in pictures with the kids, as long as there are pictures of me with the kids.

It is so freeing to not hide behind the camera and just instead say screw it... I'm all in... messy hair and all.

Boo started doing this raspy little dinosaur babble this month, which I just want to bottle and rub all over my face and ears.

I like to kind of pile fifty pillows around him and watch him just sit and smile. He just smiles all the damn time.

I have never IN MY LIFE known someone to smile as much as Boo... never ever.

He isn't super into food still, but I did give him chicken thighs last week (the perks of being the third baby) and if he could have said, "Hell Yeh,"I think he would have.

He was also a huge fan of taking a bath with both siblings...

Which happened once and only once because they were all so damn excited about it that I couldn't control all the chaos so..... that's on the back burner until bathing in life jackets becomes acceptable.

My very favorite part is that I am still his favorite.

He still makes a funny little noise and flails his little hands when I walk into the room... my little interpretive dancer, he has blessed us in so many ways.


  1. You are a dang smart mama for letting stuff go around the house like cleaning, tidying up, laundry - all so you can hang out with Boo. Veteran mom, right there. Go you. (Your house looks clean to me though!!)

  2. Hello! I have just discovered your blog (hope you don't mind me following you!) and from reading only a couple of posts I can already tell that this is a good, down to earth, keep-it-real blog, which I love!

    I have three babies who are 5, 3 and 18 months, so quite similar ages to yours by the looks of things!

    I hope you don't mind me commenting here, but it will save your life! (Well it did for me anyway lol), buy one of those baby bath seats that auction to the tub. Baby can sit up and be secure and safe when bathing with older siblings, and you won't stress so much. They are like $15 from Walmart and my 18 month old will still be using it for a few more months to come!


    - Cay


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