Five & Six Months...

Yeesh... where the frig has the time gone??

My baby is already half a year old.

I feel like a broken record when I talk about life with Boo.

He is just so happy, all the time... if you look at him for more than two seconds, he will without fail, every time, smile.

He never fusses, ever.

He started eating solids right at six months and is still exclusively breast feeding.

The second real food touched his lips he just exploded into a solid little man and stopped being a tiny baby.

Boo loves his jumper, nursing, and his brother and sister.

He loves to be scared, to listen to his Daddy make weird noises and he says, "Hi."

For real... it is a dead ringer for the way I say, "Hi," to him... it is hysterical and he has been doing it for a few weeks now.

People tell us every single day that they have never seen a more content, calm, happy baby in their lives and I honestly have to admit that I agree.

It is crazy, he is such a smiley little soul... he is never upset, and he just brightens every minute of my life.

Boo will let anyone hold him, but is still very much a Mama's boy and honestly laughs out loud every time I look at him.

He is still getting up two or three times a night and just recently started to have his first tooth push through.

A typical day for him is to wake up, nurse, and have his big brother and sister crawl all over him the second they see him.

It pretty much never fails.

Boo isn't sitting just yet but he loves to sleep in his car seat, or snuggle next to me pretty much any time of day.

He loves his Sophie giraffe, Aden and and Anais blankets and being tickled.

I go back and forth about who Boo looks like but one night when Husband was traveling I must have pulled him into bed with me to nurse...

I also must have passed out because when I woke up I saw a child laying next to me and I immediately thought it was Girlfriend.

Once my eyes focused a little better I realized that it was actually my little sweet potato... so, maybe they look more alike than I had originally thought.

He just recently started flipping over and is definitely ready to start crawling... although of course I am already planning on pulling his legs out from under him.

Ain't nobody got time for a baby that wants to crawl around and grow up... around here babies stay little forever!!

**I am aware that I am just saying the same thing over and over again... ask anyone who knows Boo, and they will tell you there is nothing else to say... he is just so happy. We are blessed.


  1. Wow, that went by quickly. He most definitely looks like your daughter (according to me, at least). I saw the resemblance with the first photo above. That's pretty dang awesome just how easy and happy and amazing he is. Lucky lucky you. He's VERY cute :) -Misty

  2. Ha I feel tge same way about Leah abd the crawling!!! Babies need to stay babies in this house too!!! Can't even think about her being any older than she is right now!!!


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