She Said

This morning I dropped Boyfriend at camp and took Girlfriend and Boo to the grocery store.

As I was parking the car, Girlfriend began, "Can I walk?"

This is a new thing around here... "walking" at the store... instead of being in a cart.

It began thanks to Husband, and I for one, never, ever allow it.

So I was all, "Nope... no walking in the store, not till you're 5... but you can drive the car cart."

Girlfriend gave a grunt and started to complain...


"Don't worry, Boyfriend is at camp, so you get to drive the car cart all by yourself! Does that sound good?"

From the back seat, a small voice replied...almost to herself; "That sounds fucking AWESOME."

And there you have it... driving the car cart all by yourself when you a two year old, only girl, middle child... is fucking awesome.


  1. I love reading the naughty and hilarious things your children say. As a middle child of the I can totally understand how she feels!


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