Last night I made yellow wolverine cupcakes for Boyfriend to take to school for his birthday.

Granted, his birthday is still two weeks away, but school will be over by then and he begged and begged to bring cupcakes to school for his class, so... they celebrated early.


The morning began with me taking Boyfriend's picture before school... like I do everyday.

Then I snagged a quick picture of Girlfriend too because, she dresses herself these days and holy train wreck...

I popped both kids plus the baby into the car and went to school.

Mind you, when I put them in the car, that is what they looked like.... batman, and a train wreck.

Then I park at Boyfriend's school, open Girlfriend's door to let her out and find her face, and hands covered in yellow.

Uh... what the what?

How did this happen between home and school.

I coulda sworn when we left the house that she did not look like she was covered in iodine, and yet, here we are at school... with a crazy yellow woman, not to mention the insane outfit.

Before I can speak she's all: "DoIlookbeautiful?"

She says it so fast that's its just a one word question with a lot of syllables.

And then, "Doyouyikemymakeup?"

I gave her the answers that she was looking for of course.

Yes, she looked beautiful.

Yes, her makeup was perfect.

I very carefully pulled my old Coach bag out of her hands as I spoke and found the yellow food coloring that she had snagged off the counter buried in the bottom.

Lucky for me, I was saved by another Mom in the parking lot that offered to watch my yellow Girlfriend and my happy baby while I brought Boyfriend and his cupcakes into school.

So this time, I dodged an embarrassing bullet.

I mean, I was okay with her looking like a lunatic in her crazy ass outfit... but I couldn't have the kid looking like I don't wash her face!!

There has to be a line somewhere, and mine is apparently drawn in yellow food coloring.

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