The Black Tank Top

My friend Chris got these great tickets to a Kid's Consignment Sale and asked me to go as her guest.

That might not sound exciting to you but for real this is like the Jay Z concert of Kid's Consignment sales... it is insane how great the deals are.

The women literally line up with rolling laundry baskets and running shoes and will legit throw an elbow to your face if you get in their way.

Even though Chris has tons of other friends, for some reason she has asked me to be her guest twice now... I have no idea how I got so lucky but I am so not complaining.

Anyway, Chris and I tear through the racks and then meet up before waiting in the line to check out.

We kinda show each other our purchases and decide what we should or shouldn't keep as a bargaining team.

After showing her everything in my bag, I pulled out the last item that I was kind of on the fence about.

It was a black tank top with some beading on the collar, a size 4t, so it would be too big for Girlfriend, but it was a dollar.

Chris and I decided that for four quarters... I should get it.

Even though I was kind of like, "Ehh black on a two year old??"

It was a dollar and even if she just played at home in it, it was probably fine.

Fast forward to the other night... when Girlfriend was in Time Out in her room.

Husband was working late and it was allllmost time for bed, but she had said something fresh, and so she went to her room...

After two minutes I yelled up to her to come down and she yelled back, "In a minute! I'm getting ready!"

What the Hell was she getting ready for??

And what child doesn't want to come out of Time Out??

This one....

...Who was apparently getting ready to go to a club.

She found the tank top... and combined it with some Nike running shoes (on the wrong feet, obvi) and her favorite Coach bag.

Let me just state, for the record, that my Girlfriend for sure thought that this was the best kept secret in her wardrobe.

She kept saying, "Thank you for my fancy dress Mom! It is so beautiful!"

Then she asked me to put all her hair up in a pile on the top of her head... which I did.

And thhhhennn... she asked if she could wear makeup, and when I said no, she rubbed ink pads all over her face.

Oh yes she did.

Not long after the stamps I cleaned her up and put her to bed.

When she asked if she could sleep in her Pretty Woman hoochie dress I figured, Sure... why not.

It worked out well... she went to sleep feeling like an absolute stunner, "the Most Beautiful Girl on the Block," according to her...

And I got to see her do the Walk of Shame into my bedroom first thing in the morning.



  1. Hilarious.

    My 2.5 year old has a black dress (with colored flowers around the neckline). I was hesitant at first about buying it, but it seriously is adorable. So black on little ones doesn't bother me at all!

  2. This made me laugh so hard! She looks just like a club hopper for sure. It reminds me of the outfit my stepdaughter showed up at our place in this morning - a short plaid skirt, black knee-high socks, and a shirt that fit her almost two years ago. That part alone made her look like she was ready to start pole dancing. This was paired up with neon green rubber boots. Life will be hard when she's a teenager :p

  3. This is just SO fantastic, I can't get over it haha!!!


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