Stuck On You Review

The sweet people at Stuck On You really know the way to my heart.

They recently sent personalized gifts for each of my babies... and they are all age appropriate, which, score.

Sometimes people will give Girlfriend color by number books, which, hello, she doesn't know her numbers she is two.

Or they will give Boyfriend something he will deem, "babyish"... but Stuck On You was right on the money with their gifts... happy faces all around.

When the package came I originally worried that Boyfriend's name puzzle was a little too young for him, because it wouldn't be challenging enough for him.

But... Stuck On You knew better.

I had told them that Boyfriend was 4 and headed to kindergarten in the Fall, and they suggested this gift for him... which was perfect because, while the puzzle isn't challenging...

The letters are!!!!


Boyfriend is learning his letters and we have logged many, many afternoons with this gift.... pulling out letters, guessing which ones are missing... naming, naming, naming them.

And lots of writing them just like the puzzle pieces look.

Boyfriend has to be able to write his FULL name (last and first) before he gets to Kindergarten this fall, so this puzzle has actually been so so helpful to us.

It's one of those, "I didn't know I needed this but now if you take it away I will cry," things.

Another one of those things is this bib that they sent to Boo.

I know what you're thinking, no one needs a bib.

So okay, I didn't actually need it, but... it has his name on it!

Ugh I just love it... people always read his cute name and then say, "Awwww! Where did you get that?!?!"

Parents of new babies are such freaking suckers for things with their new spawn's name on it... and I am no exception!!

I will totally be giving this as a new baby gift soon.

At only $14.95 it is priced really well for a personalized gift and it is just such a cute idea!

You know what else they personalized for us that is adorable?!

This bag for Girlfriend.

It's a backpack slash lunch box combo... or a backpack slash cooler combo... basically, it's a booler.

I love that it is pint size for my Girlfriend... which means she has to carry it, not me.

Which is great because she is so in a fashion stage that she wouldn't let me carry it even if I asked.

This bag has gone to the park with us fifteen times since it came in the mail... it is the perfect size for all of Girlfriend's things, plus a snack and a sippie! 

I am kind of obsessed with things with my kid's names on them... when they come in the mail I instantly want to order more.

Personalize all the things!

Picture me singing, "If you like it you shoulda put their name on it ," a la Beyonce, "Single Ladies."

Check out Stuck On You for even more personalized gift ideas... from storage bins, to stationary, to camp and Back to School... if you can imagine it, they sell it... with your name on it!

And who doesn't love that??

Special thanks to Stuck On You for spoiling my babies... we heart you and everything that you put our names on... For real!

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  1. What gorgeous pics! We LOVE to see some cute Stuck on You Kids


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