Nautical Mobile & Other Nursery Updates

This nursery is going to take forever.

Hopefully it will be done before he goes to Kindergarten.

I just don't have the time to bang things out like I used to, ya know?

Turns out kids need attention, and I need sleep... who knew??

If you follow me on Instagram (@ourtinyplace), you know that I am dying over Boo's beautiful new paper mobile.

Likeee... I almost just hung it over my bed and said, "Screw you kid," to Boo.

Just kidding... kind of.

First of all, let me give some major freaking props to Brittany, the shop owner of Lifeswork on Etsy.

Guys... for real... she freaking hand made that thing.

Like each individual knot.

I know... I am totally a quitter and never would have stuck with that business.

And if I did... you can be damn sure I would have charged like two hundred and fiddy dollars for it.. not $60!

Sorry, I cant help it, I feel like I have carpal tunnel FOR HER when I look at all the knots on that thing!!

The last time we talked about Boo's room, we had just hung his humongous anchor wall decal, and it looked like this.

If you're wondering why everything is on two walls, it's because one wall is all windows, and the other is all closets (see this post for more clarification).

I knew I wanted a mobile for over Boo's bed, and although I made Girlfriend's... I am too busy this time to mess with that craftiness.

I always like to have something different, so when I found a totally unique nautical mobile on Etsy... I fell in love, and knew I had to have it.

When the nautical mobile arrived on a light weight ship's wheel, Husband had two thoughts...

1- Cool.
2- I need to hang this shit really well so it doesn't fall on Boo.

Gotta love a man who uses his brain.

The first thing he did was move all of the stuff hanging at the end of the crib.

It was just kind of living there until we could figure out wall placement.

We knew we needed something large and hung low in that spot because the paper mobile was going to hang low and we didn't want it to look too busy.

Plus I didn't want anything to take away from my show stopping mobile, or the giant anchor decal.

My Mom found a fantastic and huge sailboat at Home Goods for $20, score.

After Husband hung that, he climbed onto Boo's crib and started banging on the ceiling trying to find a stud (we have popcorn ceilings, so scraping a stud finder across the top would have made a big freaking mess).

Once he was satisfied that he had shoved a hook good and deep into something pretty solid, he hung up the mobile, towards the end of Boo's bed.

Even though the ship's wheel is not super duper heavy, or wood, it is obviously not a feather... so we made sure to hang it with extra hooks, and at the far end of the bed.

Once it was up there I started my squeaky and flaily routine... it was just so beautiful!!

It just looked so pretty that I couldn't stop staring at it...

Neither could this guy.

Boo is the freaking cutest when he watches this thing.

He absolutely loves it, and no lie... it keeps him quiet for long stretches of time.

Pretty sure there's some kind of baby hypnosis goin on.

Can I get a Hell Yeh!?

Thank you magic paper mobile... I love you.

Plus, hello... it matches.

I'm dying over the stripes on the bed, and the blanket, and the sailboat, plus the mobile... it is totally speaking to me.

Brittany, (remember her? The crazy hand knot lady) had this perfect color combo in her shop already, but if you're in the market for something similar, she can customize them to match your nursery.

So. Many. Knots.

Or your master bedroom... whatever.

This room has ended up full of stripes and anchors in a very non-intentional and organic way.

You may have noticed the anchor box on Boo's book shelf... it came from Jo-Ann's and was like $10 with a coupon.

It houses all of his important papers that I am way too lazy to file.

The anchor pillow on the chair and the little blue and white striped sailor hat are both made by Ralph Lauren.

The giant gray bag was a shower gift from my good friend Kim and it holds all of Boo's baby toys and was also a Home Goods find.

If you've been reading for awhile you know I love to give gifts that are not found on Registries (annoying, but exciting!)... these are a few of the things in our nursery right now that I would totally give to an expectant Mom.

- Wall Decal from Polka Dot Walls
- Nursery Theme Box from JoAnn Fabric
- Squishy Fabric Bag for toys from Home Goods
- Beautiful Paper Crib Mobile from Lifeswork
- MyBaby Sound Spa from Target (this thing is new to us and aweeeesome!)

Any of these items would be useful and loved.

Not to mention if someone gave me a custom decal or a beautiful mobile they would win gift giver of the day in my eyes because seriously, A+ for thinking outside the box!

I still have a long way to go in this room ... like curtains and a crib skirt... some big art for over the changing table...

The list goes on.

But, it is a nice distraction from the laundry and an enjoyable hobby of mine.

I am excited to see where it goes and am happy to have the opportunity to do it.

And like most almost four month olds... Boo could careless what his room looks like.

As long as it has a boob serving warm milk in it every few hours, he's happy to lay around and let me do my thing.

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