He Said...

So there's this house in our neighborhood that always looks so freaking cute I just can't even stand it.

On the first day of school, she hangs a backpack with pencils and a ruler in it on her front door...

I know.

And the lady who lives in the house has been doing that kind of shit since long before Pinterest existed.

Sidenote: I have always just assumed it is the wife and not the husband that is responsible for the creativeness of this home.

Anyway, It always looks beautiful, and I just love this lady who is behind all the greatness that is this home.

But... I have never met her.

I do however, refer to her as, "My best friend."

I'm all, "Oh my best friend just put the most beautiful wreath on her door! And her hanging plants are out of this world! And her window boxes are humongous and pouring flowers down her house..."

And people are like, "Really? What's her name? Have I ever met her?"

And then I'm like... "Welllll... I actually haven't met her myself, and she doesn't know that I exist, but in my brain we are best friends."

If you know me, or have been reading this blog for awhile, it probably doesn't surprise you that I am best friends with someone I don't know.

I get excited about everything, even someone else's house.

And today was no different... because today... TODAY... her flag looked like board shorts.

Like an actual pair of Hawaiian shorts just flittering away in the breeze.

God I just love that woman and her love of cute flags.

So I said to the kids, "Guys! Gosh Guys! I just really need to be friends with that lady! Look at her cute flag!"

And Boyfriend, who has been driving by her house with me for years, was all, "Why don't you just ask her to be your friend Mom?"

And I'm like, "Yeh! I should! Maybe she will say yes!"

And he's all... "Orrrr... Maybe she will say no and think you are totally weird."

Hmm.. maybe he has a point.



  1. Maybe she would say no, but at the least, her house & flags would make great conversation starters :p

  2. You totally should talk to her! She might not even know anyone notices/appreciates all that stuff. I'm also picturing Betty White, so there's that.


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