Four Months and Other Rambling

There are so many words that I want to write so that I can remember every single minute of Boo's baby-ness... but the truth is, I just don't have the time to do it.

The other night I sat down to nurse him and grabbed my phone so I could read the news while he ate.

I do this a lot when it's late at night so I can keep myself awake... but on this particular night, my phone died.

So I just looked at my Dollface and rubbed his little hair.

I realized that he has lots of short thick hair growing in and had my phone been alive, I might have missed this stage of fuzziness.

Time is moving so fast and all I can say for certain is that this baby boy is a constant ray of sunshine in my life every single day.

I know people always say that about their babies, but sometimes they are lying.

I mean sometimes their kid cries, or fusses, or gets them up early or late or is gassy or whiny or won't sleep.

This baby is none of those things.

The number one thing that has remained constant about Boo since the minute he was born, is that he just wants to be near me.

If he can smell me, or hear me, then he is smiling.

It is such an amazing thing to be loved so much by someone so small.

If I've said it once, I've said it one million times... the best part about this baby besides that he is healthy and so, so happy...

Is that he loves me more than anyone has ever loved me in my whole life.

And when you are always the one giving, giving, giving the love... it's nice when someone comes along that just wants to smile at you, hold your hair, and nuzzle you close.

No matter where we put him, high chair, car seat, shopping cart, stroller, carrier... the kid is just happy to be there. 

As long as he can see me, he is just a smiling, happy little lamb chop.

My baby is 4 months old today.... he is 15.3 pounds, and he is in the 90th percentile for height... I cant remember how tall they said he was because I was busy gnawing on his foot.

I am not kidding, he is just delicious and adorable and squishy and just all the things that babies should be.

He is it.

I am so blessed to have this little man in my life.

I owe him proper month posts, full of updates about what he's doing and how he did it.

I will get to them eventually and chock them full of nine thousand pictures of him smiling... because that's all he ever does.

But for tonight, this will have to suffice.... just look at him grow!

And because I am nothing if not consistent in my never ending quest to make sure everyone has the same amount of love, and hugs, and kisses....

My Mom Guilt is telling me to tell the world how much I love the other two too...

I am blessed every day.

My children are insane cannon balls of love, creativity, and craziness.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Except if they could wipe their own butts one hundred percent of the time, or even only fifty percent of the time... I wouldn't complain.

This post was all over the place because Boyfriend graduated pre-school tonight, which means I am an emotional basket case.

I'm entitled every once in awhile.

The End.

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  1. Omg I feel the exact sameway about my Leah and can relate to the nursing when your phone dies and you get to relish in the moment.


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