Sesame Live In Review

Last week thanks to the kind folks at the VEE Corporation I was able to take the kids to "Sesame Live! Elmo Makes Music".

One of my fondest memories of when I was little happened one morning that we thought was just another day.

My three siblings and I sat down for breakfast like we did every day, and my mom brought our cereal to the table.

But this time she was carrying it on a tray, which I thought was weird at the time, but now that I'm a Mom I know that she did this so that we would all get our cereal at the time.


Because perched on the edge of our bowls was a single ticket each.

We were headed to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, in a LIMO...


We were skipping school.

Best day ever.

I wanted desperately to recreate this moment for my own babies, but...

Considering Girlfriend still eats anything that is put in front of her, I feared she'd just pop that ticket right into her mouth like.. yum... lunch.

Instead I told them when they came into our bed in the morning for their daily snuggles.

They were thrilled to say the least... there was lots of jumping and squealing.

I tried really hard to find a Sesame Street shirt for Boyfriend to wear but kept turning up empty handed.

Luckily he didn't seem to care.

I also took my girlfriend Lu to be my extra set of hands.

Husband was totally broken up over having to work and not being able to go (yeh right).

We don't get to do stuff like this with the kids that often because for real... life is expensive!

Waaaaaay back, one hundred years ago (actually only three though), when we had only one child, we took Boyfriend to see Thomas Live.

Our tickets were like $75 A HEAD. As in for a two year old's seat.

I don't know why Thomas the Train thinks he is Jay Z or something, but people want to make their kids happy, so they pay the money.

Fast forward three years and two more kids later, and welp... we just can't afford that business anymore.

So consider me super, duper excited to take the kids to see Sesame Live fo' free.

(Sorry these pictures suck... I decided against editing them, so i-phone quality it is today...)

The second the music started playing I was slapping Boyfriend's leg and squealing.

We were a pretty animated bunch... people were staring.

Seriously that face... he looked like that almost the whole show.

The dancing was awesome and they sang so many classic songs that the whole audience was into it.

I have NO IDEA how the Hell the puppets mouths move while they sing... and by puppets I mean people in costumes...

I thought about it obsessively for the entire show so if anyone knows how the heck those mouths move... can you help a Sista out and tell me?

The biggest surprise of the whole show was that Baby Boy loved it more than anyone!!

I thought for sure he would sleep the whole time, but as soon as he heard chaos and music he started flailing for me to turn him around.

And once he faced the stage, he sat open mouthed and frozen in awe for the entire first half of the show.

Note that I said "first half".

I was totally bummed and disappointed that the show had an Intermission.

For real... we are dealing with two year olds... don't intermish (it's a word if I say it is).

By the time the Intermission was over there were kids all around me crying.

Luckily mine weren't among the ones in tears, but by the end they were all in my lap with heavy eyelids.

I would say for sure that the show ran a little too long and if I were to go again, I would lie and tell my kids it was over at the Intermission (just keepin' it real).

Ya know how sometimes if you push kids too far they are just gone and there is no getting them back??

Well, I think this production was reaaaalllllly pushing it with some of these little ones.

 I am really happy that we sat in the balcony and I would totally recommend it for shows like this.

It was nearly empty and made for easy boob-pullage-access if I needed to nurse mid show.

Also, Girlfriend is in that, "I need to see the bathroom everywhere I go.." phase and no one minded that she got up seventeen times to pee.

Except maybe Lu, who had to take her every time. Sorry Lu.

Other than that is was awesome.

Super high energy and except for the Intermission, no lulls, just go go go... which was perfect for my little Energizer Bunnies.

Girlfriend was booty shaking her face off, and even Boyfriend loved it (I pulled him out of school for the day) (cool Mom points for me).

I wondered briefly if he was too old for it but he was thrilled to go and never once said that Sesame is for babies.

We rounded out our perfect day with pizza and a nice long nap.

A free show, no tears, junk food and a nap at the end??

I'll take more of everything please!

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