School Days Project Update

This project is hard as hell to update once I fall behind.

I try to take pictures on our good camera most mornings, but sometimes if I can't find it I grab whatever cell phone I can find.

Which makes the pictures shitty, and also... not in order anymore.

So then I am uploading and looking at dates and trying to get everything in order and oooof what a pain.

BUT... I like to think that all the hassle is totally worth it, because this project has been really fun to do, and even more fun to look back on.

My memory is still fresh enough to know that on Day 47, Baby number 3 was born.

I was at the Hospital when the picture was taken.

And on Day 54, Boyfriend asked me to hold one end of my bathrobe belt, while he held the other.

(Moms of boys will know that I wasn't actually wearing the bathrobe.... Boyfriend had been using my belt as a weapon. Of course.)

Day 56 was two days after Husband cut Boyfriend's hair super, duper, DUPER short... and he was mortified about it.

He wore a hood to bed that first night.

Day 57 was picture day... Day 64 was the start of Girlfriend's obsession with Mary Janes.

Day 65 was St. Patrick's Day, and we brought marshmallows to school, but Boyfriend ran into his classroom and said, "WE BROUGHT MUSHROOMS!!!"

And his teacher laughed and said, "I've never seen a child be so excited about mushrooms before!"

Little moments like these would be just that... moments... here for a second, gone the next... without this project... which gives me a tiny bit of every day to savor.

Pre-school itself is going okay these days. I mean, the school and his teachers are amazing... but, Boyfriend is becoming an almost five year old boy.

Which means... poop, butt, and all the potty words!

Last week his teacher even asked to talk to me after school.

I know.

Boyfriend, my sweet, little angel baby... DREW A TOILET.

First off... why? Second... I would love to see what that looked like... but when his teacher suggested they put it in my mailbox and let me see it, he jumped up and threw it in the trash.

Smart kid.

This was the first time that we had to be real life parents in the disciplinary role.

When we got home from school I was all... "Boyfriend, please come into the kitchen."

Husband and I stood before him and asked him to sit.

I began... "Do you have anything you want to tell us?"

And he's all... "Uhh nope!"

This exchange went nowhere fast and I was feeling like gray hairs were sprouting out of my head with every passing second.

I brought up the toilet and he said, "But Mom! I made the other kids yafff!!"

Ahh... the age old dilemma of how to be funny without being inappropriate.

I struggle with it myself.

He is doing everything he is supposed to be doing, but it still surprises me to hear him have an opinion in the morning about what he should wear...

About what is cool that week (superhero shirts)... about what is funny (anything having to do with poop).

He is growing and changing and this little project is a constant reminder that we can never get this time back.

I'm getting ready to put it in a book to put under my pillow and sleep with next year when he starts kindergarten.

My baby... the toilet artist... is headed off to the big leagues.


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