Matilda Jane Giveaway

Let me take this opportunity to publicly apologize to my children for taking their picture nine thousand times over the last few years.

My blogging "career," pretty much depends on their willingness to get in front of the camera for me... and when I recently had to turn the tables/camera onto myself, I realized just how hard that can be.

Matilda Jane Clothing, bless their sweet and creative hearts, did something that no other company has done in all of my years of blogging.

They sent ME clothes.

I was super excited to receive their package and try everything on until I realized that now I actually had to get in front of a camera for ya'll.

Let's remember that I am less than 3 months post partum so, yikes.

Luckily, the clothes they sent in a size small, were actually much too big on me...

So my self esteem was doing much better than it would have been had they been too small, ya know?

 I'd say their size Small runs a little wide, more like a 4-6.

I had to clip this Lacey Peplum Top in the back to make it fit correctly.

This deep purple Sundress was also too large but super comfy and light weight... I plan on taking it in just a bit for the summer and maybe adding a belt to help define my waist more.

I like that the clothes are unique and feel really high end, without being uncomfortable or stuffy.

Consider these pieces the opposite of a cramped cable knit sweater... really easy to wear.

With easter (and my 31st birthday) happening this Sunday, Girlfriend and I decided a little fashion show was in order for Husband.

He was gracious enough to snap a few pictures and spare me the awkwardness of doing it myself with a timer.

Love that man.

The Peplum Top is the perfect mix of sophisticated, and trendy... plus??

It's comfortable(!) and I love that it can be dressed up or down.

I wanted to pair it with black pants and pumps but decided against it so I could stay on the same casual wave length as my Girlfriend.

Speaking of dollface, she is wearing a Matilda Jane peasant top... with gap leggings and gymboree shoes (on the right feet, woot!!).

She was so sweet and helped make my first ever blogging photo shoot relatively painless and fun (she's a seasoned pro for sure).

She even picked out my shoes and jacket... which was fine by me because Lord knows if it's not yoga pants then I don't know how to wear it.

Now for the exciting part....

Matilda Jane Clothing wants to outfit the ladies at your house too!!

They carry clothes starting at babies size 3 months, all the way up to women's size XL.

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $50 Matilda Jane Clothing gift card.

You'll love the high end but casual feel of their clothes! Good Luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ohhh yall are so cute! I was actually searching for Matilda Jane giveaways(to help fund my addiction). :) I'm so glad i found your site - it is great! Thanks for the chance!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm a follower of your blog. Love it and the humor in it.

  4. I found it because I always look!! :)

  5. I hope this doesn't seem super creepy! I just came back to your blog after a bit (trying to finish a phd with our second on the way means very little fun reading for me) and couldn't get over how big your daughter is and that you have a third! Last I read she was about to turn one. Congrats - glad to see you're still here - love your funny blog!

  6. Cute! Your daughter nailed it =)

  7. did a google search for matilda giveaway.

  8. I did a google search :)
    love the outfit!

  9. I was google searching for matilda jane

  10. I found your site while doing a Google search for Matilda Jane.
    I had no idea they made clothes for adults!!


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