Heart Healthy

Guys. My heart is fine! Yay!

I guess I never actually told you that there was ever a heart question...

But there was, and I'm all good is the short story.

The long one, and the lesson here... is to always listen to your Doctor... even when you want to punch her in her guts.

The night Boo and I got home from the Hospital way back in January, Husband woke me up to tell me that I was gurgling and struggling to breathe.

Fast forward to the next day, five days postpartum, and my chest was heavy and achy.... like I swallowed a pill wrong.

We happened to be at the Pediatrician with Boo and I asked his Doctor to give my lungs a listen.

He didn't hear anything, but suggested I call my OBGYN just in case.

And when I did... all Hell broke lose.

For real... they went nuts.

They were all, "Get here... now... five minutes ago. Drive fast."

I was instantly in tears. I had no desire to go back to the Doctor, I wanted to be home with my family.

We picked up Boyfriend from school and started the half hour ride back to the Doctor.

I had been home form the Hospital one full day.

It was our first time in the car as a family of five.

It did not go well.

Girlfriend unbuckled Boo's car seat... Husband took Girlfriend out of the car and she ran into a parking lot (it still takes my breath away to think of that moment)... it was a disaster... we were a hot mess.

My Doctor saw me for two seconds, long enough to tell me that I had to be at the Hospital for an EKG and a CT Scan immediately.

Basically the long and short of it is that you are most at risk for a blood clot after you have had surgery, or after you have had a baby.

Well... I had just had both.

And the fear was that I had developed a clot in my lung.

We ran into some trouble (to put it lightly) when they told me that I couldn't nurse after I had my CT Scan.

My hormones accidentally told the poor Radiology Technician that she could fuck her CT Scan when she told me that I wouldn't be able to nurse for 48 hours.

I was a sobbing mess. Every time I looked at Boo, who had just learned how to nurse, I cried.

I felt like a failure, and so... I refused the test.

I also yelled at anyone who came near me.

But... when it came down to it... my chest still hurt.

And I was scared.

My Doctor called me after hearing that I had refused the test and basically said, "You have three children not one... and if you go home and die of a blood clot because you refused to stop nursing, that is not fair to them."

She sure did know how to up the drama factor... but she was right.

Sooo... I took the CT Scan... which came back negative for a blood clot.

I didn't nurse for 24 hours.

They told me if I completely flushed my system afterwards and pumped non-stop it would be okay to nurse twenty four hours later.

I exclusively breast feed, no bottles ever... so this was a really big and heart breaking deal for me to give my baby formula.

But... we made it twenty four hours, and thank God for us all, he latched right back on no problem.


Not so phew was that my EKG came back abnormal.

I was ordered to visit a cardiologist for a follow up, and that appointment just happened last week.

I know... three months after the fact, clearly they weren't too worried.

All that to say.... the cardiologist said you are absolutely fine, your heart is fantastic and you probably have the cleanest liver of anyone I've ever met.

After Boo was born I took a long break from blogging for a million reasons (hello... sleep) and my heart was one of them.

Blogging was an added stress that I didn't need at the time, so it was easy to just not do it for awhile and try to focus on myself instead.

I was really anxious and nervous and now, more than three months later... we know that no matter what the test said way back in January.... now it says that I am A-okay.

The cardiologist chalked it up to my Doctor being abundantly cautious and me having just had a baby.

So while my heart may be full of love... it is not going to explode.


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  1. That sounds very scary! Glad everything turned out okay though


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