He Said...

Boyfriend was giving me the typical harassment deal that most kids give their Moms when they want something.

He had asked me 100 different times, and 100 different ways, if he could bring his Easter basket to the park.

And I had said, "No..." every single time.

The back and forth badgering tennis match with a four year old was not fun.

Finally, I decided to borrow a line from Mother's everywhere...

"Dude (that's not the line)... what part of no don't you understand?? (that's the line)"

He looked at me for a minute before saying very matter of factly...

"Um... The part where you said no."

At least he's honest?


  1. Oh man. The things you've written about on here that he says are downright hilarious.
    At least you can take pride in knowing you've got a super smart kid on your hands, even if he is super sassy!


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