He Said...

Boyfriend learned all about changing the world the other day at school.

On the way home, he gave me a nugget of wisdom that was just too good not to share.

He began...

"Hey Mom... you know how to change the world and make it better?"

"No Bud, how?"

"You gotta do stuff Mom... you can't just sit there, you gotta do stuff."

"You're right Bud... change takes action, right?"

"Yup! You know what I'm gonna do to change the world, Mom?"

"What Bud?"

"I'm just gonna keep doin' what I'm doing."

"Well alright then..."

"Yup I'm just gonna keep bein' Wolverine... and taking care of people."

As ridiculous as that sounds... his innocence for the simplicity of the world around him melted my heart.

I hope my little super hero never stops taking care of people... and always remembers that change takes action.

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