Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

What a difference a year has made in our house!!!

If you're young enough slash old enough to be out partying today, please be safe.

Some of the BEST memories of MY ENTIRE LIFE are of when I bartended in an Irish Bar on St. Patrick's Day.

Anyone who says you can't meet wonderful, caring, hard working people in a bar... was never lucky enough to meet my friends.

When I was a Sophomore in College, my parents MADE me skip class, and bartend from open to Close on St. Patrick's Day.

I made nearly $1,000.00.

I could barely walk at the end of the day... but I went to bed that night with a perma smile on my face.

There is just nothing like running around like a crazy person behind the bar while the bag pipes blare and the corned beef is served near by.

And now here I am, ten years later... setting up photo shoots for my babies, with marshmallows and all the green I can throw at them.

My... how things have changed.

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