Nice Things

After a baby is born people are just so freaking nice.

We have been blessed and overwhelmed with kindness since our little bambino came into this world 3 weeks ago... so much so that I thought I'd share some of these ideas with you.

First off... I did two nice things for myself.

I know.

Moms don't do for themselves right?!

Welp... I did.

First, I ordered myself this blue blue blue Solly wrap.

It is like a Moby wrap, but muuuch thinner, so the fabric can get pulled much tighter.

I have used both a Moby and a Solly wrap now, and I personally prefer the Solly because the lighter fabric feels less bulky and obtrusive to me.

At $65 it isn't cheap... but it is worth it's weight in gold for a few hands free minutes if you ask me.

I wear it probably three or four times a week and my tiny Boyfriend has no problem with it and gets all snuggled up in there with no complaints.

Something else I did for myself was order a third charm for the necklace that I wear everyday.

It's a small but meaningful gift to myself... now I've got a charm for each baby.

I know there are a million companies that make charms like this now, but I prefer to use TwoGirlyGirls.

All of my charms are made by them in their simple, upper case font.

I prefer the easy to read font rather than the curly cursive kind because it's easier to read... duh.

What's the point of having them if you cant read them, right???

I also love using TwoGirlyGirls because they are a super, duper small business... as in... I mailed them a check and waited patiently for two weeks for my charm to arrive.

Super small, super old school.... but I love that.

Other nice things that have happened since the Sweet Potato arrived???

My friend Chris set up something for us through Take Them a Meal.

Um... it was awesome, SO AWESOME.

Five different families coordinated on the site to bring us meals... which was such a huge help.

They could either make it themselves or send something right off the site for us.

It was cool because people could stop in quick, steal some baby snuggles and then head out.

So I wasn't entertaining anyone for long periods of time.... not that I didn't want to (you know I love me some hostess-ness)... but hello... these days I am a leeeettle busy.

I cant wait to set up something like this for someone else.

We also got so many unexpected and sweet gifts for ALL THE KIDS (shout out to those of you who sent big kid presents), a luxurious personalized Pottery Barn blanket, my favorite hand print kit, and a check to start the bambino's bank account....

And... pictures.

We are lucky enough to know many talented women who were eager and sweet enough to capture pictures of my dollface as a newborn.

And really... there is no better gift than that of beautiful, real life memories.

I'm sure I'm forgetting 100 other nice things that have come our way.... I'm really just scraping the surface here... but these things have been on my mind as things I'd like to do for others when their bambinos roll into town.

Clearly... I've got a long list of favors to repay!!

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