She Said

Girlfriend is getting feisty in her old age.

The things that are coming out of her mouth these days let me know that she 100% got Husband's defiant Italian gene.

She is a doll 90% of the time, saying funny, witty, and adorable things that make my heart feel full and my guts feel happy.

But that other 10% of the time, man oh man, she is a sassy little thing... she definitely gets it from her Father.

The other day she was whining about something or other and driving me insane.

Boyfriend never whined... so this Girly whiny stuff is all new to me and it is annoying as Hell, right?!?!

Okay, so she is whining away about something and I'm like....

"Please, please can you stop doing that??"

And she does... she stops and says, "Why?"

And I'm all... "Nobody likes whining Doll, it is so annoying, please use your big girl voice."

And she's all.. "How come you don't like whining Mom?"

And I'm like... "I just don't."

She looks at me for a minute, stares me down kinda, and then says... "Well. Have you ever tried it??"

"Ohhhhhh no she didn't!!"

Fresh little thing isn't she??

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  1. Lol! I always know I'll get a good laugh from ya. Thanks for sharing. She's a riot!


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