Seriously Long Seasonal Snippets 2013

So... Christmas is long gone, and I still haven't posted a single picture from our Holiday escapades.

I am becoming a terrible blogger.

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve night in our own beds, and wake up to see that Santa had come to our own house.


Gone are the days of sleeping out with the kids for Christmas Eve... it really means so much to us that Santa comes to our own home, ya know??

BUT... Just because we were home for Christmas morning, doesn't mean we didn't run around like chickens with our heads cut off every other day of Christmas vacation.

We did.

Oh God did we.

People... HELLO... having a four year old and a two year old and being very pregnant at THE HOLIDAYS when every person on the planet is running around like a lunatic... is hard work!!!

We decided that next year we will open our home for one or two days and say, "If you'd like to come, eat, relax, give the kids presents, please come on these days."

If people can't make it, that's fine... they can always come another day, you know we have a "The door is always open," policy around here... but no presents will be allowed in our house after those two days have passed.

It may sound fresh, or ungrateful, but parenting two kids that have been receiving presents everyday for two weeks... is miserable.

By the time Christmas vacation ended, we were dealing with very expectant children, that were all but asking the lady at the grocery store for a present.

It was very frustrating.

Anyway, aside from running around like maniacs... we had a great holiday and were reminded daily just how blessed we truly are.

The kids, of course, got nine million presents. None of which was necessary.

Husband and I got typical grown up gifts... a new stainless steel microwave, a new mattress for Boyfriend's room, and a blue ray disc player... yay!!

Of course, true to the meaning of Christmas, our best gift didn't come in the form of something material wrapped in pretty paper...

It came in the form of wonderful news.

We found out that Husband and I will become an aunt and an uncle for the first time ever in 2014... which means the kids will have their first real live actual cousin!

(Sidenote: By "an actual cousin," I mean... one that isn't a dog, and one that isn't a 2nd, or 3rd, or once removed cousin. An actual 1st cousin!!! Yay!!!)

In between all of the chaos, we got a lot of family time and that's what it's all about... right??

So, now that you've read through all of those boring details.... here are some crappy cell phone pictures and more boring details... of what the Holidays looked like at Our Tiny Place.
First up was the Santa Train ride that we took with my parents and sister in early December... the kids got all decked out for the big day and pretty much killed us all with cuteness.

We are so grateful to my parents for buying us and the kids tickets to ride the Polar Express and meet Santa and the Elves in REAL YIFE OH MY GOD!

We also took some friends and their two year old son to our town's Christmas Village; which is pretty freaking amazing for the kiddos.

Although, I couldn't get a single good shot of the kids because they were running around like maniacs because... Hello, WE'RE AT THE NORTH POLE!!!

From the North Pole we headed to a family party and Girlfriend wore this amazing pink leopard fur coat... 

I know... the cute slash ridiculous combo is killer.

Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa, and put out carrots and hot dogs for the reindeer.

Not sure why Boyfriend thinks that reindeer eat hot dogs, but we've been putting them out since he was two, so it just seems natural to do it every year now.

We ended the night with Husband reading the kids, "The Night Before Christmas," which is what my dad did for us every year of my life.

After the kids went to bed, Husband built toys and wrapped presents, while I directed him as to who got what and what pile went were.

Thank God I was totally done shopping by October because number 1, our kitchen leak situation left us totally strapped at Christmas, and number 2, I was really starting to feel the fatigue of being pregnant and running around at the Holidays.

So lucky for me, I got to relax and watch Husband put it altogether to make a wonderland for the Dolls.

Christmas Morning was everything it is supposed to be... andplusalso... WE GOT TO RELAX AND PLAY AFTER.

No running around!!! It was GLOOOORRRRIOUS.

It was a long Holiday... with not much down time, and a lot of presents, laughs, and chaos.

The temperatures were verrrrry low and by the time Boyfriend went back to school we all had cabin fever and were ready for Christmas to end.

We've had a few short weeks of down time, and baby prep... next up... adding another crazy kid to the mix!!

Eight days and counting!!!

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