He Said...

I have decided that the kids are infinitely funnier in the winter.

Maybe it's because we are stuck inside so much but man... these kids are cracking me up these days.

Boyfriend has decided that he wants to have a Halloween birthday party.

Even though his birthday is in May.

So the other day before his nap we are talking all about his Halloween / May birthday...

When he woke up he came flying into our bedroom and said, "Mom. I did yots of planning. I figured it all out."

I have to be honest: I didn't know what the heck we were even talking about or what a four year old could possibly have been planning for while he napped.

"I'll be Wolverine, Dad will be Beast. Girlfriend will be Batman, the cat will be Robin...and you will be Thor."

Ohhh, okay. We were talking about the Halloween Party again.

So I'm all:

"I know, I'm Thor because of my hair, right??"

"Yup..." he began... "But...."

He paused at this point and looked down, and then up at me again like he knew I just wouldn't understand.

"But... you're gonna have to show your dots."

Now I was stumped for real.

"Uhh... What do you mean, 'my dots'??"

"Well... you know those things under your bra?? Those two dot things? You need to show them."

Ohhh those dots.

"You can't wear your bra, you gotta take it off and show your dots... just yike Thor shows his. You'll look great!!"

How wonderful of my four year old to reassure me that it's totally fine to be topless at a birthday party, right??

How come every time Boyfriend asks for the whole family to dress up in costumes... everyone else puts on MORE clothes... and I end up having to show my nipples or wearing nothing but underwear!?!


  1. This is absolutely priceless. I went back and read your previous post, and aloud with my husband and literally am crying with laughter. I can only hope my kiddo is as hilarious as yours! Too good!

    1. Awww Thank you!!! I swear swear swear my favorite comment ever is, "I went back and read this to my husband." Thank you!


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