Easy Wood Ornaments 2013

Every year I make ornaments with the kids, and let them give them out to their Grandparents, or Aunts and Uncles.

This year was no exception and even though Christmas is way, waaay over... I thought these guys were still worth mentioning.

Maybe you could book mark these for next year, or... make them for Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day... heck even a favor for a bridal shower.

The first thing we did was ask a neighbor for a very round piece of firewood.

Then Husband chopped that baby up for me.

Next I handed the kids the paints and brushes and let them go to town... that was pretty much it.

I kicked my Type A, control freak personality to the curb and let the kids just go nuts with the paints and make whatever they thought looked beautiful.

In case you were wondering, Boyfriend was the, "Less is More," painter and Girlfriend, of course, was the, "More is More," painter.

These were so super easy to make, and FREE!!

The wood was free, we had the tools, and even the ribbon that I strung them with was from my own stash.

I am already thinking of other ways that I can do this project so that it's a little less rustic-y.

Maybe with some drift wood??

I used paint and sharpie to come up with a few designs of my own.


Unfortunately, I never actually took a picture of these puppies after Husband drilled the holes and I hung them on the tree with care.... so use your imagination.

I even made one for Baby #3, with the expected due date on the back, because... Hello, at this point the kid doesn't have much of a baby book ... so the least I could do was give it an ornament.

Even Husband got in on the action with this one, which is my favorite.

Each of us used a different color to just spatter our fingertip all over the top... so it's got a little bit of all of us on it.

Love that.

This Christmas Tree was done with Green Sharpie and then I covered it with some glittery paint... nothing fancy, but that's part of the charm, ya know???

 I wrote a little note on the back of each one... some said who made them, or the date.

The one with the fingertips said, "Family Fingertips," another had a snowman smiling at the sky and said, "IT'S SNOWING!" (it was)... I pretty much wrote whatever I wanted, not really caring if it was Christmasy, or sounded perfect.

The idea was to help me remember that day years from now.

I am a sucker for that.

If having a blog and taking a picture of my son every single morning before school didn't already give that fact away.

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  1. uh, hello?! COASTERS!!! next year, have the kids make a set of 4, wrap it with a ribbon and you've got an instant gift, a set of coasters :) I actually have sliced wood in a box from a giant tree that fell in our driveway last year that I've been meaning to varnish for coasters. yeah, i'll get right on that :) really cute, guys.


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