The First Snow of 2013

So, we still haven't bought a new car... which means a few things.

Number 1: If the baby comes early, we are going NOWHERE as a family... because the sporty sedan I've been driving since July won't fit all the car seats.

Number 2: When it's snowy or slick out, I. Go. Nowhere.

I am too pregnant to be praying that I can safely maneuver ice and snow in bad weather... ya know??

So Boyfriend got to miss school on Monday because our driveway was a sheet of ice... and even though it wasn't canceled, I couldn't safely get him there.

I actually watched the UPS man bust his ass HARD coming up our front steps... like feet up in front of his face hard.... it was freaking icy out there!!!

Following Monday's no school was Tuesday's teeny tiny snow fall... about four inches or so.

Let's be serious.... a single flake and my kids are out the door and ready for sledding, so four inches or ten, they love it all the same.

Unfortunately, my Boyfriend absolutely freaking hates getting his picture taken right now.

Unless someone in the room is farting or I say, "butt crack,".... there's no way I'm getting this kid to smile... even in the snow.

You know I said, "Butt Crack," here because Boyfriend is laughing and Girlfriend is pointing at me like, "(Deep Breath) Oh My God Mom! You said Butt Crack!!!"

It was kind of hard for me to do much with them being that I am 33 weeks pregnant and it's not exactly safe for me to be running around up and down our very, very hilly backyard.

But, for as pregnant as I am... I know that I am only going to get more pregnant and less able to be outside with them... so for today, with not too much snow or ice, I went for it.

And I'm so glad I did, because every single day I look at these kids and think what is happening while you sleep??

Why are you growing so fast??

Before I know it, they'll be sledding with their friends, instead of with me.

So for now, I'll take all the teeny tiny snow falls that I can get... and in the meantime, I'll be looking for a larger coat to fit over my massive baby belly.

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