She Said...

Today, like everyday, Girlfriend woke up and was instantly mad that I wasn't right there by her side, waiting for her to open her eyes.

She begins every morning like this:

"Get me out Mom... get me out Mom... I yike to come out... I yike some snuggles..."

 Also?? She doesn't really breathe in between all of this, it's like one long breath of pissed offness.

And then when she has exhausted all of her sentence fragments in a semi-calm voice, she begins to scream shriek.


She has no patience.

So anyway, today... she wakes up, she yells at me from her room, Husband goes to get her, and brings her into our bed for snuggles.... just like we do everyday.

She climbs up onto my side of the bed (why do children NEVER go to Dad's side??)... and throws herself down next to me.

She sighs, and then rolls over like her body weighs hundreds of pounds, and not just thirty two.

She grunts, and groans.

She sighs, sits up, throws her arms over her head.

She stretches, she grunts again.

She huffs one last time before throwing herself back onto the pillow and proclaiming,

"Oh my Gosh... I need a fucking break!"

And that, is what you call the mouth and body language of a 30 year old woman pregnant with her third child.... in the body of a two year old.

I can't even blame anyone else this time!

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  1. I laughed so hard it this. I'm only amazed that my daughter hasn't said that word yet. Although yesterday she started actively using the phrase "Oh my God".


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