Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law says that on the day that you accidentally drop your phone into a cup of water... and drive a mile before realizing it...

That is the day that your son will fall on the playground.

He will take a digger on a tricycle at school....

His teacher will call and leave you a voicemail with your baby boy screaming in the background, begging to come home....

But you won't get that voicemail... because you dropped your phone in a cup of water.

And when you get to school at dismissal time to pick up your Boyfriend, Murphy's Law says that the teacher will ask you in front of all of the other Mothers if you got her voicemail....

And when you say no and ask why... Murphy's Law says that she will say, "Oh... He fell and cut his face open, he was bleeding so he cried a lot, and kinda freaked out, but he's fine."

And then Murphy's Law will punch you in the face and make you feel like the worst Mom on the planet, even though you can see that your child is totally fine.

Because the ONE TIME that you don't have your phone on you... that is the day that your child gets hurt.

And is sad... and wishes you could be there to hug him.

Luckily, once we got home... and we were away from Murphy and his dumb fucking Laws... everything calmed down.

Boyfriend let me look at his cut, and even though it was still bleeding nine hours later... it really was fine, and he really didn't need stitches.

He was good as new once I gave him a big giant squeeze... the fruit roll up probably helped too if I'm going to be honest.

And even though the dumb phone sat in a bucket of rice all day long; it never dried out and is officially dead forever.

But that's okay because Husband, bless that man, he saved the day, once again.

He called and found out I was up for a free upgrade... bonus.

So .... everything ended up working out alright.

I even gave myself a Wife/Mom of the Day award... for tossing my phone into a bucket of water, making Husband take time out of work to call the phone company, and being MIA when my son was sad.

So... score on the award.


  1. I have my phone in a 'lifeproof' case for that reason exactly. It has had many a cup a milk and juice spilled on it and still works like a champ.

    I agree with Coffee and Cashmere- Make Murphy your bith


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