Halloween Photo Dump

We had your typical suburban Halloween again this year.... not that I'm complaining!!

We went out super duper early with the kids (5:15ish), and made it four houses before Girlfriend sat down on some random lady's front steps and had a lollipop.

We walked around the whole block and the kids are now on their way to Cavity-Ville.

Boyfriend was a "blue Ninja," as he called himself, and Girlfriend was a Minnie Mouse cheerleader.

Except she refused to wear the ears out of the house... and she wouldn't carry the pom-poms... but it's fine... that nose... I die.

I got a $4 t-shirt on clearance at Target and had Husband draw some Hulk abs on my baby bump.

We had the Hulk mask and I borrowed the fists from one of Boyfriend's friends to complete my Mama Hulk look.

I told Husband to find his Captain America shirt and threw a mask and a shield at him as we were walking out the door.

So we were Avenger parents, with a ninja, and a mouse... made no sense... but it was easy and the kids were thrilled to see us dressed up so... that's how we roll.

Our good friend and pseudo Aunt to the kids, Lulu (or YuYu as the kids call her), was here again this year for trick or treating and she graciously allowed Boyfriend to pick out her costume from our big dress up bin.

I miiight have swayed him towards this one... and she was happy to oblige.

Note to self:

Do not let good friend walk around the block looking ridiculous when you are 27 weeks pregnant... because you will probably pee in your pants a little bit every time you look at her.

We were home by 6:00 and the kids were thrilled to answer the door any time the "Bing Bell," rang.

We saw tons of great costumes and called it a night when Girlfriend went to bed (I maaayy have put a sign on the door that says if you ring this bell one more time I will cut you).

We live in the type of neighborhood where getting 200 trick or treaters is absolutely the norm, so we
spent $50 on candy and rationed it all night long for fear we would run out.

Boyfriend and Husband answered the door one last time at 8:15 and it must have been teenagers in non-costumes because Boyfriend came running in to tell me that he had seen "REAL YIVE GROWN UPS TRICK OR TREATING!"

Note to Tall Teenage Trick Or Treaters: I get it, hold on to your youth for as long as you can. BUT for the love of God... put on a costume!

Ohandplusalso... when a 4 year old calls you a "Real Yive Grown Up," it's time to just call it a day with the trick or treating deal, ya feel me??

Old trick or treaters aside, we had a fantastic night and the kids ate fifty pieces of candy before bed.

I would love to be that Mom that says, "Only two pieces!!," and actually means it... but I kinda just say, "Only two..." and then let them have ten.

I mean... it's freaking Halloween.

At least one of them unwrapped their candy and ate it with no problems... while the other one just shoved that shit wrapper and all right down their throat.

Care to guess who was who???

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  1. I just heard of this thing called the Switch Witch.. the night of Halloween, kids can eat whatever candy they want that they got while trick or treating, but if they leave the rest out overnight, the switch witch will come and take all the candy and replace it with a new toy! Look it up online if you're interested, you may want to consider for next year! :)


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