Cord Blood Banking & Giveaway! (Sponsored Post)

Last time I posted about Lifebank USA... I talked a lot about how it is expensive to bank your baby's cord blood, but totally worth it if you can afford it.

I also talked about how my OB has suggested that I donate my cord blood with this baby, as I had told her that it was probably too much money for us to bank on our own.

The more I think about it, the more I think that I will donate the baby's cord blood this time, because it is a free and wonderful way for me to help others.

You've probably heard that your baby's cord blood can't help your baby, but it can help others, as in, possibly siblings.

To be honest, I didn't know much about this, or even really understand it... until I read Quentin's story.

Quentin was 4 when doctors gave him a 30% chance of surviving his particular kind of cancer.

Doctors gave his parents the grim outlook with one promising glimmer of hope... Quentin's Mom was pregnant, and they encouraged her to bank her cord and placenta blood at birth.

Miraculously, after his sister was born and her cord and placenta were banked with Lifebank USA... Doctors were able to give him a transplant... which saved his life.

He has been in complete remission since 2010.

Quentin's amazing story of survival thanks to his parents courageous decision is heart warming to read but also... so scary.

We all worry and pray every single day that our children will always, always, always be safe.

So reading about a little boy who fell victim to a helpless disease is frightening in every sense of the word.

Sadly, many families have a history of cancer.. and those are the ones that might want to really and truly consider what cord blood banking might mean for them.

It might just mean, a victory like Quentin's.

So although banking cord blood may seem monetarily out of reach for a lot of us... if it is an opportunity to break a vicious family cycle, then it is worth every dime.

And if you can't afford it... then please consider donating your baby's cord blood, like I am considering donating mine.

If we can possibly save a life and help someone else defeat childhood illness... we should... don't you think??

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