A Project

Two days a week Boyfriend is home with Girlfriend and I and we do "a project."

My kids refer to basically anything that is messy as, "a project,".

I try not to do the same thing twice with them and I try to keep it old school... I don't look at Pinterest and I refer to my own childhood for inspiration.

Last week they were going insane, asking me 100 times a minute to do a project do a project doaprojectdoaproject....

My mind was spinning and I was thiiiiiis close to losing it.

I didn't have anything on the agenda for the day so I decided to pull out our craft box.

To be honest I had no idea what the Hell was in there... but I knew it would keep them momentarily quiet, so I went for it.

As I was trying to figure out what to have them make or decorate, they watched me wipe down the kitchen table (I am big on cleaning a mess before starting a mess... it just makes sense.)

As luck would have it, the paper towel ran out just as I was finished wiping down the glass on the table and a light bulb went off in my head.

I quickly cut the roll in half, and handed one to each kid.

That's really all it took to spark their creativity.

It was cool because I pretty much got to just be a fly on the wall and watch them work... it was adorable to see the phases each piece went through before being "done".

Obviously I helped with the cutting and any gluing... but the rest was up to them.

I love seeing their little minds work.

Kids are teeny tiny geniuses, they find art in everything and they see things so differently than we do.

The Dolls final projects are such ridiculous representations of themselves it is so amazing... his is very well thought out, logical, and makes sense.

And hers... well... hers is loud and spazzy and fun and creative.

I loved watching them work on something so silly, and how they turned it into something totally and 100% all their own...

Who knew I would be the one to get so much happiness and satisfaction out of a paper towel roll project??

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