The Post Office... aka... There Is No Such Thing As Being Efficient With a Toddler

My go-to Post Office is on a pretty busy road, with no parking lot.

Before Kids.... I would park on the street, run in, mail my two packages, and be back in the car in five minutes.

Now that I am a Mom, and safety is first and being time efficient is second... well....

I took my Girlfriend to the Post Office.

I gave the street a quick survey and realized that there was pretty much no safe way to get Girlfriend out of her seat and into the Post Office without getting hit by a car.

I decided instead to park in the parking lot at the Bakery next door.

While parking, I notice that Bakery has a mean and angry sign that says they will tow my car with a quickness.

I decide to go into the Bakery and buy Girlfriend a brownie so that no one will tow my car while I am mailing packages.

I ask the Girl at the counter if it is okay to leave my car in their lot while I mail my stuff next door.

She looks at me, my Girlfriend, and her half eaten brownie and says, "Sure."

I quickly grab Girlfriend's hand and walk out the parking lot...

And Girlfriend drags me back to the door so she can say, "Hi," to a bear statue.

I drag her back towards the Post Office where we proceed to walk up the steps...

We are almost at the top of 10 steps when Girlfriend decides that she must jump up the steps instead...

She goes back down three steps.

I wait and watch and try not to treat her like an inconvenience but come the frig on already with the jumping kid.

We finally get into Post Office.

I look down and notice that my Girlfriend is covered in brownie.

I dig deep into my purse (aka the black hole of kid things), find a Kleenex, and wipe Girlfriend's face.

We get in line.

Girlfriend decides that now is a good time to pet the Recycling Bin and introduce herself to every person in line.

We get to Counter, and mail the packages in no time at all.

We head out the door and I watch Girlfriend jump down every step... slooowwwwllly.

We stop so she can pet the big blue Mailbox.

She gets all flaily when I say no, she can not stick her head into the mailbox to look inside.

We make it to the car without any other interruptions... except now Girlfriend wants to hang off the door handle like a monkey.

I pry Girlfriend's tiny digits from the handle, open the car, and get her into her seat.

I get in... buckle up... turn on Raffi Pandora and sigh.

Damn it I wish I had a brownie.

Total time Elapsed to mail two packages.. 22 minutes.

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  1. The post office is like an apocalyptic playground with a toddler - I sell on eBay and was going 4 times a week and I hated my life, until I discovered that you can (easily!!) get an account on USPS online, print shipping at home (just need a printer & reasonably accurate scale) and you can have someone come pick it up! For free! Life - changed. Hope that helps!


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