Home Depot Safety Day

The kids and I are busy little people.

We do something different every single day... from parks to trails to libraries to museums to rivers to reservoirs and farms and nature hikes...

You name it, if it's free or cheap, we do it.

There is only one thing that people have always recommended to me that we have never done...

Home Depot Kid's Days.

At least... we had never done them until last week and the verdict??

We loved it!!!

We went on Safety Day, when the parking lot was filled with fire trucks, police cars, you name it...

We got to shoot a real fire hose into a house filled with dry ice that went up into smoke everywhere.

Um... it was awesome.

Even I was impressed.

Okay maybe I was the most impressed.

After we were done shooting the hose, the kids got face paint and faux tattoos before building little tiny projects with Husband.

There was even a girl project and a boy project (they thought of everything!!).

Plus they got fire hats, aprons, pins, awards and even LEGOS when they finished their craft.

Did I mention this was all free??

It was so great.

I'm told that normal Kid's Workshop Days are not as elaborate but still free and worth a visit.

So if you're looking for something cheap and fun to do... I know it sounds funny, but take them to Home Depot!!!

*Home Depot didn't perk or pay me to say any of this, we really did have that much free fun ... and I'm always excited to pass new fun things on to others. That's just how I roll.

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