Blog Break

Woops... it looks like I took an unscheduled blog break. Again.

It's not my fault.

It's my husband's.

Remember when I mentioned that he was gone ALL. SUMMER. LONG.... well, now he's home... and it is AWESOME!!!

Basically, Husband fixes a machine that breaks a lot in the summer months because it hates the heat (my words not his), but the machine does okay when it's cold... so that's when he is allowed to work from home.

Which means... at the end of the day, we have dinner together... we hang out, we play with the kids... we are a FAMILY.

And we are all freaking loving the time we are having together.


Husband gave up energy drinks!


One day I was all... "Tomorrow is your last day of Monsters," and he was like... "Okay. I'll quit."

And he did! Cold turkey!!

Aside from the fact that he is loving having a little more cash in his wallet... he is sleeping like a freaking champ.

So now I have a Husband who is home, and not up until 2 am... and... is functioning like a normal human being.

Instead of one that is commuting four hours each way to work.

Finally, after a long, long summer with Husband on the road and me trying to hold the whole world together by myself.... we are all together and it is so so wonderful.

Lately, I keep forgetting to blog, and keep remembering to love on my family.... but I'm cool with that, and I hope you are too.

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  1. I know how you feel. My husband has been traveling for work the entire month of October and its not about to slow any time soon. It seems long for me because I work too so I do the babysitter routine when he's gone.


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