Baby #3 Brain Dump

Fair warning... this is going to be boring and not interesting to anyone.

Okay... I warned you, but you're apparently still reading anyway so... carry on.

Here we are at 25+ weeks pregnant.... only 14 or so weeks to go.

I guess we should start picking baby names and folding onesies... huh??

By we... I mean me, of course.

How is being pregnant with your 3rd different from being pregnant with your first and second??

I'm so glad you asked.

The third time around is so much more about welcoming and incorporating a person into your existing family, and not creating a family like it is the first time around.

I remember being pregnant with Boyfriend at 25 years old.

It was so fun and relaxing.... and my belly was so cute and little.

I didn't show until around 7 months and didn't get tired until I was overdue.

Everyone wanted to touch my stomach and yell into my belly button.

Fast forward to being 27 and pregnant with Girlfriend... I had a little less time, and couldn't focus AS much on my growing belly because I had a growing two year old to watch.

But I took belly pics and was ready well in advance with Boyfriend out of his crib and in a Big Boy bed three months prior to Girlfriend being born.

We talked endlessly about baby names and getting ready was pretty quick and simple.

Which brings us to today... 30 years old, 6+ months pregnant with my third and, um... I am pretty much a caramel apple.

I am pregnant from my eyebrows to my knee caps... at least, that's how it feels.

I am fairly certain that if someone came at me with a needle, I might just pop and fly around the room like a deflating balloon.

Some mornings I wake up and look in the mirror and I am honestly surprised at what I see... I'm all:

"Hey. Husband. Have you SEEN ME LATELY?!?"

It's sneaking up on me this time... this baby bump o mine... because like every other mother in the world... I don't actually look at myself every day. Sad but true.

Alas, I am confident that this is supposed to happen... and it's okay to get big when you grow a person.

Also, while we are on the subject... it is NOT okay for someone else to tell me that I look like a hot air balloon... when someone is pregnant they do not want to hear that they look big, heavy, and tired.

Come to think of it... I don't think anyone likes to hear that shit... amIright??

Being pregnant with number 3 means there is zero time to focus on being pregnant with number 3.

At night after the kid's go to bed, I sit with my belly in my arms and I'm like... Hello.. are you in there?? Anyone??

And then I'll feel some baby kicks and flutters and I know that all is right in the world and in my belly.

We are still not finding out the sex, but I'll admit that this time I am the most curious.

I am convinced that it is a girl... and Husband is convinced that it is a boy.

We are so fortunate that this baby is healthy as can be with pregnancy once again being more or less not a big issue for me.

Other than retaining water and petting my belly while I wipe someone else's butt (how's that for a visual)....

I am in full blown nesting mode... which was much more fun when I was pregnant with the first two kids and we had more money to blow on.... all the things!!!

This time around I am condensing, tossing, and making huge donations to Good Will every other day.

It's fun! Seriously!

We are in the midst of trying to figure out what to do with our four bedrooms that makes sense for our family, the kid's, our life more or less.

It is an endless and annoying conversation around here...

I'll give you the not so quick boring version:

Husband works in our guest room when he isn't traveling all over the country for work.

No one ever stays in that room, but it is the biggest aside from our Master.

It would make the most sense to move him to the basement... where we have a huge open Office space for him, and put Girlfriend into the Guest Room... freeing up the nursery for the Bambino.

But... because we have a Pellet Stove on the first floor, that heats the whole first and second floor... the Basement is freezing.

Turning on the heat down there won't help because the Pellet Stove will shut it off because the first floor and the basement are one heating zone.

This is confusing. I know.

Putting the kids in a room together isn't really an option because although Boyfriend goes to bed at 8 pm... he is very restless and doesn't usually pass out until 10:30.

He is big on singing and screaming school songs in his bed.

Which would mean Girlfriend would never sleep.

Plus let's not forget that both kids still nap for two hours every single day... and if we put them in the same room, we know naps are as good as gone.

Soo... it would make the most sense to move Husband to the basement.

But.... who has an extra $1500 laying around to pay an HVAC guy to add another heating zone to the basement.

And if we don't add a zone then... Husband either stays put in the guest room, or freezes his cojones off in the basement all winter long.

Because space heaters just won't cut it in a space with zero heat.

All that to say... we have no clue what to do about it.

Lots of ideas but not enough money to do it... you know the drill I'm sure.

And I know... that was so frickin' confusing and boring.

These are the constant nesting thoughts that are running through my head at all hours of the day and night.

I should redeem myself somehow with this post...

How about a picture of my Girlfriend wearing an Ed Hardy shirt??


How about this one??

Still no?

Okay... I got nothing.

Sorry that you had to be subjected to my pregnancy brain... you're probably dumber now... I'm sorry for that too.

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