This Is Motherhood...

It was lunch time.

I set the kids up with their meals, turned the TV in their direction, and sat down next to them.

We don't watch much TV but I let them watch a quick show at lunch time so that I can eat too... in quiet. 

I wasn't going to eat just anything today.

I was going to eat a freaking delicious looking sandwich on Ciabatta bread that I pulled out the damn panini maker to grille and smoosh into a plate of amazing lunch time wonderment and gooeyness.

Also? My sandwich wasn't just delicious looking because I'm pregnant.

It was actually really delicious looking... like it could have been on TV... okay?

So I was about to eat a food model sandwich.

You understand where I'm coming from??

I've got a huge, amazing, delicious looking sandwich in front of my face... and I am SITTING. IN A CHAIR.

I do not sit unless it is lunch time or bed time... other than that I am on my feet ALL DAY LONG.

So where was I?

Oh yeh, I was sitting.

I had promised my little hooligans that if they cleaned their plates they could have a Popsicle before nap.

So they're eating, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is on TV, and I am about to murder slash enjoy my food model lunch.

I pick it up, I smile at it, I close my eyes to take a bite....

And Girlfriend puts a Popsicle, STILL IN THE PLASTIC... INTO MY MOUTH.

It's freezing.

I open my eyes (listen I was having a food moment, so I closed my eyes... leave me alone) and there is Girlfriend, still holding onto her end of the Popsicle starring me in the face.

I open my mouth and she pulls the Popsicle out, and she drops it onto my plate.

Onto my pretty sandwich that I was thiiiiiiissssssss clooooooooooossssssssse to eating.

She speaks:

"Open dis."

She's actually kinda looking at me like a bully, like she wants to fight me.


Okay maybe she didn't say that, but that's what her face said... like:

"Woman. Get the fuck up. Less sitting and more cutting open of the popsicle."

And this is what motherhood is all about....

Putting others before yourself... all day, every day.

This is why my kids wear nice clothes and I wear Target, why my kids eat fruits and veggies and I do it all for the cookie.... putting them first is really what it's all about.

Even...sigh.... when I'm  hungry.

Time to start locking the fridge again.

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  1. omg I LOVE this! and truer words couldn't be spoken there...motherhood is something else. always putting the kiddo first.


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