Morning Photo Shoots

Since Husband is gone for work way before Boyfriend is dressed and ready for school, I kinda convinced Boyfriend that we need to do a morning photo shoot... everyday.

I mean, it's only been 3 days, but he thinks he is taking pictures so his Dad can see how he looks all ready for school.

And he is.

But also??

I told him he could do any pose he wants, just to get him to do it.

So now that I have seen some of what this strange little human deems appropriate in pictures, I can't stop taking them.

It makes me laugh to look back and see his funny hands and arms and feet in all sorts of  strange positions.

Years from now, I know that these are the photos that will hurt my heart, and make me ache for my little boy.

I'm not sure that I will remember to take some everyday this year, or that he will even let me... but for now, I'm gonna roll with it and see how far we can get into the school year.

Clearly he has enough poses to last us at least that long.

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