It's that time again!

Super boring for my Instagram followers and super exciting (might be a slight exaggeration) for the rest of you that get to see 50 photos of our silly little life dumped all at once.

And today? I'm giving out awards. Cause... why not?

It's Friday and you're bored at work anyway... right?

And now for the awards that mean nothing to anyone but me...

Most Generational Goes To: This shot, of the dolls performing in a band with their Great Grandfather.

Girlfriend was playing the whistle and Boyfriend was playing the xylophone. I have no idea what my Grandfather was playing, it's kind of a harmonica with cymbals hybrid. It was adorable to watch and made my Grandmother cry happy tears.

Most New England-ish Goes To: This shot of an overachieving tree in our backyard, that always changes color well before the rest.

She's beautiful. She's a girl.

Most Adoring Goes To: This shot of Girlfriend with her Aunt and Uncle.

She is obsessed with her Uncle Timmy... just look at her face... she loves that guy.

Most Adorable Thing Ever To Happen In My Life Goes To: This shot of my Boyfriend after he asked me to, "tape his yegs," during a Thursday night football game.

It makes my heart burst with joy and cheese pizza to see him so into football... he would do just about anything to make his Daddy proud. Boyfriend punches us all in the face with adorable football cuteness like this every week and I can't even take his cute taped yegs. Stay small sweet boy. Stay small.

And the Gold Medal Goes To: This shot of me and my mini chefs... the night they asked if they could help me make dinner.

Boyfriend was allowed to cut hot dogs with a butter knife and he pretty much thinks he is Emeril now. Girlfriend was allowed to push the buttons on the microwave and put butter into macaroni and cheese, and now she is Giada, minus the annoying accent. They were so thrilled to help out and so proud of themselves... I will remember this long, slow, messy dinner forever.

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