Hump Day, YEA!

Before you watch this video, let me note that for the record, we DVR kid's movies.

And then we play them one hundred million times until, apparently, our children have memorized every single minute.

Including, as it would seem, the commercials.

HUMP DAY, YEA from Mama B on Vimeo.

And because out-takes make me laugh... here's another version; which he does even better than the first, but gets distracted when a school bus drives by.

HUMP DAY, YEA... 2 from Mama B on Vimeo.

ANNNND.... because Girlfriend has to do whatever Boyfriend does... here's a snippet of her very own hump day (she does know the whole schtick... but it's verrrry hard to get her to stand still long enough to record it).

bhumpday from Mama B on Vimeo.

Sidenote: I have no idea what the, "Bye Daddy!" is about... her father was two and a half hours away at work when I recorded this.

**If you haven't seen this commercial, then you probably don't think this is remotely funny, so watch it... and then marvel at my children's ability to speak like a camel.


  1. So funny! There is a Clorox commercial that says all the different ways to say toilet. Anyways my 3 year old use to repeat "potty, John, loo, porcelain thrown, the toilet!" And start cracking up...


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