Girlfriend's Farm Party 2, The Longest Post Of All Time

When we left off I had only shown you the invitation to Girlfriend's 2nd Birthday Party...lame.

Talk about skirting around the point.

Don't worry... I got more for you today.


Like, if you don't have an hour... you're better off just coming back later.

First off, after we bagged the Harley idea, I started hunting for an animal (any animal!!) to come to our house for the party.

Okay, hi... this is not cheap.

People with ponies pretty much want to charge you a travel fee, then a parking fee, then a getting the pony out of the trailer fee, THENNNN... a putting your kid on the horse fee, a walking your kid on the horse fee... you get the idea.

I think the best price I got for a half hour was $275.


Then I decided to just go to a little tiny farm around the corner from our house, and ask if they would do a mobile petting zoo.

We live literally less than two miles from the farm, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

The verdict??

They were thrilled to help out!!!

And only charged us $65 for a half hour (but ended up staying an hour anyway).

We had decided ahead of time that the petting zoo would be Girlfriend's gift.

Not because we are super cheap (even though we are), but because she's two, and already has everything a little girl could ever want.

So, we gave her a few very small things on her actual birthday, and that was it... the animals coming to our house was her real gift, and she LOOOVED IT.

She didn't leave the animals alone for one second.

Here's where I am going to just dump 50 photos from that day... none of which are of the party decor.

The thing is, I totally didn't take any pictures of what the whole spread and shebang actually looked like.

I know, bad blogger... BUT... good Mom.

I was in there like swimwear with the kids, and the animals, and the party guests... and welp... I just didn't have time.

Okay... farm party photo dump, go:

See... told you there was a lot of pictures.

Things to note (or not, whatever):

Yes, I did paint two giant cardboard boxes to look like barns.

I used left over shed paint that was originally $40 a gallon... but who cares, the kids loved it and it was taking up space in the garage.

My brother, his wife, and one of my sisters bought Girlfriend her motorcycle power wheel, which she is obsessed with... doesn't every two year old girl need a Harley??

Also, because we only know super wonderful and generous people, Boyfriend got lots of stuff too... our children are very lucky.

The sign on our front porch took me FOR-EV-ER to make, and I almost gave up on it, twice... but it ended up being one of my favorite things, and we have already decided it will be a birthday party staple around here in the future.

That is a motorcycle on the back of Girlfriend's cake, not a tractor.

That cotton ball number two is supposed to be a sheep... NOT A SWAN.

Even though my annoying  sister said that's what it looks like, and now you are probably thinking that as a matter of fact, it does look like a swan.

The Farm lady came with animal tattoos and bubbles and Girlfriend was rocking a cow tattoo for a week after the fact.

I found the pig cupcakes online and asked one of my close friends to make them...

At first she was all, "I don't knnnnow..."

And then she freaking knocked them out of the park and they looked amazing and tasted delicious.

Pig cupcake to my face. Yes please.

I have no pictures of anyone using my photo op props, but I am told they were used, worn, and ridden around the house.

There were cow print balloons.

Damn it, damn it, damn it... I don't have one picture with a cow print balloon in it and they were MY FAVORITE PART.

Please someone notice that Boyfriend's popped collar matches Girlfriend's cow print on her tutu. Please.

The day was SO FUN.

And?? Super relaxing!

We ordered a large tray of sandwiches and were lucky enough to have our families and friends bring tons of sides and food to share.

It was super laid back, and the animals made for a nice distraction.

They (the goat and her crew) showed up at 4 pm (party started at 3:30) and were gone by 5... as soon as the animals left we did cake and dessert and then people were free to go.

We did presents on our own time (something I feel really strongly about, because I hate losing pieces), and the kids had such a wonderful day.

Even Boyfriend, who INSISTED that his sister COULD NOT have a birthday party, is still talking about her party all these weeks later.

At the end of the day, more than anything else, we were reminded again just how many wonderful people we have in our lives...

We are so grateful, and so thankful, for all of the support and kindness that is continuously thrown our way.

If you're out there reading this, chances are, I am probably talking about you.


  1. so perfect! i committed the same big fat fail as you. i hardly got any pics of my daughter's first birthday. i'm definitely hiring a photographer next year and that will be my splurge. your party is amazing. i love every little handmade (cupcakes, barn boxes, outfits!) detail about it. any more pictures would have just made all the not-so-creative moms out there feel bad. so, you're really just being humble about it. good job, high five mama! www.momistabeginnings.com

  2. She is beautiful and I loved her outfit! I did notice boyfriend's collar. =) you need a friend who/whom you can give your camera to who knows how and when to use it. I think that is why I was invited to most of the parties I used to go to. Good job mama!


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