Two years ago today, our second baby, and first daughter was born.

With each passing day, she is getting more adorable...

I pretty much just want to nom her face off sometimes.

She fit in instantly, and even Boyfriend couldn't remember life before his baby sister came to town.

She is observant, kind, and concerned for others all the time.

She is loving, sweet, and a little mother to anything she can get her hands on.

At 15 months she picked up a baby doll and sand it a lullaby, and ever since we have known that she got my mothering gene.

She got her quiet trouble making gene from her father....

We know that if Girlfriend is not making a sound, she is undoubtedly eating something she shouldn't be, or making a mess...

It's hard to get mad at her because she gets so overly excited about everything (wonder where she got that from) and it is pretty stinkin' adorable...

She's smart and creative, and will spend, literally, ONE FULL HOUR (which is equivalent to a year on a two year old clock) coloring and using her child safe scissors.

She idolizes her older brother and repeats every. single. word. out of his mouth.

She loves dancing and all kinds of body flailing slash gymnastics (I guess you could call it)...

She is a mini nudist, and loves to take her clothes off... ALL THE TIME.

She is not particular about who sees her cute booty (let's hope that changes before High School).

Girlfriend loves shoes, motorcycles, and pretending to leave the house with her toy cell phone, keys, and purse.

She also loves to run from us, and climb anything she can reach... if I am not having a heart attack, she is probably not awake.

I have called Poison Control 7 times since she was born... if she can pick it up off the floor, she will put it into her mouth.

She's been potty trained since 22 months and loves to sit down and read a book, and make up a story as she turns the pages.

Every morning when she wakes up, my Girlfriend yells, "Mommy! Get me out! Get me out!" In a nerdy, weird, whiny voice... we never hear it unless it is 7 am and she wants to get out of bed.

She also never stops or takes a breath, just non-stop whiny "Get Me Outttttt"-ness.... BUT... she does sleep like a champ and has since she was born, so I'll take the annoying wake up call.

Her most favorite place in the world, is with her brother... and father.

She is, however, a total Mommy's girl when she needs to be....

She knows who to come to for the boo-boo kisses, the songs before bed, and pretty much anything else she wants (Daddy is the stickler, I am the sucker.)

When she sees me running around, cleaning, cooking, picking things up, she will say, "Mommy... sit down, relax with me."

She called me, "Beautiful Mom," for the first time in April, and it hit me straight in my soul.

I have never felt a more profound love and responsibility in my life.

My self esteem isn't always the greatest, but she looks at me and sees Beauty, and I want her to always see the same in herself.

I want her to always know how wonderful, and strong, and crazy, and funny, and quirky, and adorable, and beautiful, and kind, and creative she is... I want her to always feel confidence and self assurance, and I will devote the rest of my life to her feeling that way.

She makes me so proud and is such a funny little thing, I pray each and every day that she will never change... her personality is one in a million and I would bottle it if I could.

I pray that she will always be slightly outside the box of what is acceptable for little girls... that she will always love funny things like motorcycles and Power Rangers, and that she will always be her very own person.

She loves everyone, especially her brother, father, and Uncle Timmy....

She introduces herself to every person she meets, thinks her nickname is her real name, and would live on a farm if we would let her.

She truly has her own identity, even at the tender young age of 2... and I hope and pray that she continues to embrace all the wonderful, scary, and quirky things that make her who she is.

My angel baby, my sweet and kind daughter, who I thought was a son... the girl who put a sparkle into each of our eyes and without a doubt made our family feel a new kind of love for all things crazy, girly, and fun.

We are so blessed to have her and call her our own.


  1. beautiful update! happy 2nd birthday, pretty girl!

    I didn't realize our tots are so close in age. Tay will be 2 in October. Your girl always seems so much older to me!

  2. what a sweet little tribute to your darling daughter. your descriptions of her really paint a picture of what a sweetheart she is (well, seems. we've never met. ha.) She's beautiful. And her 2nd birthday outfit is fabulous. good work mama. www.momistabeginnings.com


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