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Because I have lived my entire life with a name that no one else has (really, I'm 30 and have yet to meet someone else with my name)... I was always a teensy bit envious of the kids that had license plates with their names on it.

And magnets. And pencils. And keychains.

Back then (geez that makes me feel old), the only things that you could get personalized were pretty expensive, and had to be ordered through a catalog... using a rotary dial phone.

Lucky for my children, who also have unique names, now there are websites like Stuck On You... that offer a million options for getting things personalized... on a pretty reasonable budget.

When Stuck On You sent the kids some custom gifts to check out, I have to admit that I was probably more excited than them... Seeing as they can't read, and don't know or understand how cool it is to have your name on a water bottle or lunch box.

The other thing that struck me, besides that the adorable-ness... was the quality of this stuff!

Stainless steel and durable poly canvas?? This stuff is not cheap and is made to last even the toughest of kids (ie: mine).

Girlfriend's lunch box is like a real deal cooler.

I've taken it on a few play dates at the park, and it works better than our real cooler, that's like, made for cooling things... because it's fully lined, and... awesome.

Of course, Girlfriend doesn't actually have anywhere to go yet, so she just carries her cell phone and lap top in it for now... obvi.

Boyfriend loves his robot (stainless steel) water bottle .. which gets a thumbs up from me because it has a lid, and is hard for the kids to open themselves...

Meaning the chances of it spilling are a lot less than it would be otherwise.

Not that I know anything about red juice spills.

Want to win a $20 gift card to Stuck On You to grab some good quality personalized gear for your own dolls??

Want to win a $20 gift card to Stuck On You to grab some good quality personalized gear for your own dolls??

Yup... I said it twice.... because there will be TWO $20 winners!!

Plus, plus, plus!!!!!! This Giveaway is open to my readers ALL OVER THE ENTIRE GLOBE!!

This makes me so, so happy because I swear some of my sweetest, and most loyal readers live across the pond... and no one else has ever offered this!!!

A company that wants to personalize the whole wide world?!?!?! Yay!

Fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win... as always... if you have no idea how to fill out the form, contact me!

Good Luck!

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  1. Oh I am so excited about this give away! Except, I would totally order something for myself! With a name like Jeannie, I never find anything with my name on it. My mom always had to special order my stuff too and it was and still is expensive!

  2. Love your blog...and I love your kids' antics! Your blog is like my daily must read that it's already bookmarked on my browser. Definitely could use Stuck On You for my daughter.


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