Larger Than Life

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this post coming when I posted this picture last Saturday night...

Husband and a hujass picture of our kids.

It all started with this picture, that Husband is obsessed with...

I had said, "It kinda looks like an album cover, or an ad right??"

And he was like, "Yeh... let's blow it up and frame it... like humongous."

So we did.

I knew that buying a big wood frame at Micheal's was out of the question, because it would cost like 75 bananas before we even got the mat or the print blown up....

So I went to Good Will... did some digging, and found this little peach.

It had a thick wood frame, and that's what I was goin' for ... even though it was a bit more ornate than I would have chosen if money was no object.

This 1990's gem wasn't as cheap as I expected her to be, but at $25, I couldn't say no.

I asked Husband to give her an ORB makeover, and she instantly looked much more Beyonce and a lot less Debbie Gibson.

While he was busy ORBing... I called Staples and had them print out a 18 x 32 copy of our print for $28... not cheap, but not bad either.

Next we tried to salvage the mat from the frame with a trick that I had read about on Young House Love... spray paint it.

Of course this worked for Sherry and John, because everything does... but it did not work for us.

When we put the mat into the frame, for whatever reason it turned BLUE (of course I didn't take a picture, you'll just have to trust me).

When we pulled the mat back out, it was still white.

It was some sort of freaky, DIY, mushroom trip and we just weren't feelin' it...

So.... our formally cheap DIY project ($53 total)... was about to get a little more pricey.

We ended up at Micheal's (oh the irony)... where they cut us a custom mat, for $28 (grand total now $81 if you're keeping track).

When we got home, we took down the art that I made for the space last year.....

And hung up the shrine to our messy kids....

(Crazy pants, comin atcha)
It wasn't the cheapest DIY out there... but shopping Good Will did save us a boatload of cash, plus now we have custom, awesome, ginormous art that's all our own.

Husband and I love the new look...

(I have no idea how to take a picture of a picture, without getting a reflection on the frame... someone enlighten me, please)
Boyfriend, on the other hand, is non-stop complaining about how his sister's hair looks....

While Girlfriend just wants to know who the heck those kids are?!!

A larger than life picture of herself on the wall and she's got no clue whose looking back at her...

Go figure.

PS.... I clean during nap time, and these pictures were taken as soon as the kids woke up. I don't ever pretend to have a perfectly clean house, so if you're wondering how the faaaahhhhhhh my house looks so clean with two kids running around... they had only been awake for 5 minutes, and by 10 minutes it was trashed again. #keepinitreal


  1. I can totally see why your husband is obsessed with that photo. Great job on it. It looks great!

  2. Obsessed! When I saw the picture when you first posted it, I was all like "That's amaze balls". SUCH a good picture. I've been looking to do this myself but with canvas. I would have done it by now...but lezbehonest...I'm wayyy lazy.

    Looks great mama!!

  3. That is an awesome picture! Well worth the money and hassle, I think.

  4. Awesome !!! Beautiful pictures as always :)


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